Wherefore art thou Nancy? Where is thy Botox?

Hey, grip on the House, grip on reality, whatever...love this article

Nancy Pelosi's grip on House slips

 Well, DUH, I mean your basic Congresscritter has one goal in life-RE-ELECTION.  And while the modern Democratic Party is filled with corrupt hog wallowers (sigh, along with far too many Republicans)..THEY ARE NOT STUPID.  They now that Nancy will safely get re-elected no matter what {unless there is an even more left-wing loon in San Francisco---hello Cindy Shehan) and they also know that the Obamassiah will throw them under the bus if needed as well.

SO, they are not going to sign up for the Health Care Cliff Diver Bill, and I think you can forget Cap and Tax for this Congress as well.

One can only hope that when Nancy becomes the Minority Leader again in November, they will fire her for her awesome inept leadership and give her the job she deserves...maybe Chairwoman of the House Mental Health and Botox Subcommittee.