America- Losing the Armored Spear

This Particular Article on the Small Wars Journal Blog ignited quite the fire storm:

The Death of the Armor Corps by Colonel Gian P. Gentile

Now the debate over the role of COIN in the aftermath of Iraq and what kind of threat the U.S. Army should be getting ready for is nothing new.

Clearly the U.S. military has been concentrating on winning counter-insurgencies and not fighting large-scale combined arms combat.  This is clearly not a good thing, as the Israel's learned the hard way.

Back to Basics: A Study of the Second Lebanon War and Operation CAST LEAD

But this is a subject that is not going to be solved overnight.  Rebalancing the U.S. military after the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are over will take a long time, a lot of money, and a great deal of thought.

I have posted a number of blogs on the resurgance of Russia and their newfound appreciation of armored warfare and tanks.

Russian Military on the Rebound?

Another viewpoint on the Russian military

Are Tanks Obsolete?

I believe the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are going to need to get back to basics and relearn how to fight well-armed opponents.  Clearly, the days of "nation-building" and "regime change" are over, baring some catastrophic incident like 9/11 again.  

This debate between COIN and Combined Arms is gonna drag on for a while.

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