Outstanding Article

This bio-article by Mark Bowden on General David Petraeus is outstanding.

The Professor of War

 I actually heard Gen Petraeus speak at a seminar last year and I have to say he was very impressive.  Here's one of my favorite quotes: 

From his command at CentCom, Petraeus may not hold the highest rank, but he is without a doubt the most influential military officer in America. His conquest of the U.S. Army is complete. He has a deep and devoted following in the ranks—his “counter-insurgency nation.” His doctrines now shape the way we fight, and because his position allows him to select and promote the institution’s next generation of colonels and generals, his values and ideas are shaping the army’s future.

Thank goodness for this, because, it spite of the drivel spewing from this Administration, we still have many, many enemies out there and we are going to need another generation of combat-hardened officers and soldiers to survive...don't kid yourself that Obama can wish the Iranian, Chinese, Russian, or Venezuelan problems away because of his charm and diplomacy.