Where are all the Medal of Honor winners?

The question of why there are have not been more Medals of Honor awarded since 2001, particularly for living receipients has bothered me for a long time.

The New York Times magazine has a fascinating article out this weekend that deals with this issue.

Military bureaucracy aside, I agree that many more Medals should have been awarded, even if Iraq has been as controversial as Vietnam.

So, here is my theory.  Given the "reality show" and YouTube culture we live in, is it possible that the military is concerned, nay, scared to death that some PFC or Sergeant is gonna do something stupid and embarrass the military and what the MOH stands for?
Or, worse yet, turn into some rabid antiwar protester? 

I don't know, but my theory is that the military knows that dead heroes will never be anything but dead heroes.

I think this is a mistake, given the track record of Marines and soldiers awarded Navy or Distinguished Service Crosses, I think any service member awarded a MOH who lives to tell the tale would be aware of the responsibility they now bear.

Questions to ponder on Memorial Day.