Israel and the Sunnis Against Iran?

This story, if true, is exceedingly interesting

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

It's no secret that the Saudis and Iranians are waging a little Islamic Cold War for position in the Middle East, particularly in Yemen, and that the Sunni Arab nations do not want the Shia Persians to get a nuclear capability any more than Israel does.

This is not helped by the feckless diplomacy of the Obama Administration, which is continuing down the worthless sanctions road (although to be fair it is the road paved by the Bush Administration), thinking that Mahmoud manutjob gives a rat's about sanctions with Allah wills them to get nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to guide them.

Throw in the transfer of advanced missiles to Hizbullah through Syria and you have the makings of a real powder keg.

SO, in light of all this, what the hell is going on with the flotilla nonsense; The world (and particularly Iran) is watching to see what the U.S. will do about the investigation of the boarding of the Hamas "relief blockade" and whether we will stand by Israel or, in fine Obama Administration fashion, throw them under the bus.

Well it looks like the bus is gonna win out.

Rice Supports International Probe of Israel Flotilla Incident

I mean seriously, who are we gonna get to do this that's "impartial" toward Israel?  Libya?  Cuba?  Russia?  Hey, how about Iran?

Obama is going to cause the next Mideast War.  And he will do it by causing Israel and the Saudis to make common cause (even if covertly) against Iran, Syria and their proxies Hamas and Hizbullah.

And somehow, the Jews will be to blame.