Week in Review- Changes in Afghanistan- Changes in the White House?

     Well, the big news of the week is the replacement of Gen McChrystal with Gen Petraeus.  Of course, as many pundits have pointed out, the issue is not REALLY who the Supreme Commander is but what STRATEGY he is attempting to carry out.  As long as this Administration's artificial timetable for withdrawing American troops remains rigidly in place, the Strategy will likely not be successful.  As long as there is a dysfunctional diplomatic and training effort for the Afghan military the strategy will likely not be successful.
      SO, what kind of briar patch has Petraeus just stepped in?  The next few months will tell, but I fear if a significant trend of success is not seen by the Congressional elections, Obama's timetable will stand and the Afghan government will come to some kind of understanding with the Taliban.  THIS is extremely dangerous as it could put additional pressure on Pakistan, which is the real prize for those Islamic nut jobs.

BUT the more interesting story, which will quickly fade away if ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC have anything to say (or not say) is the Blago trial.  Obama is likely a bigger crook than Nixon and the Clintons combined, after all, he learned about politics from the Chicago Democratic machine.  Rahm is gonna go under the bus, no doubt...will that be enough?  Should be fun.