The week in Review

  • A simple definition of leadership is that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

Hmmm, not much of that this week.  Obama's speech about the oil spill was SO bad that one blogger noted that the only thing that was missing from Jimmy Carter's "Malaise" speech of 1979 was the sweater and fireplace.  Not surprising from a President that not only has NO project management training or experience, but is used to getting his way from a compliant media who cries "RACISM" anytime he is challenged.  WELL, an oil slick doesn't care about the color of his skin or who his daddy was or wasn't.  It takes solid engineering, project and crisis management and attention to detail.  NONE of which is evident from this White House, or BP for that matter.

Then there's the news about more layoffs. Nothing surprising about that.  As this article from Art Laffer lays out, things are gonna get much, much worse before they get better.  People and businesses are gonna get RUN OVER when the Bush tax cuts expire, and the dreaded double dip recession is likely to happen...and no more stimulus...right before the 2012 campaign season.  Hmmmm, think Hillary is keeping her options open?

And of course, the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary continues to crack me up.  I mean seriously, the evil, evil Republicans PLANTED the knucklehead guy who won??? I wish the Republicans could be that evil and coordinated.  But now, the Dems want to recall the whole thing...what happened to count all the votes????  Hmmmm, and he's....African-American...hmmmm if he was a Republican I wonder what they would be saying??