History Expounded Upon

The Third exchange of point and counterpoint don't seem to respond well.  It's almost as if our Founders were talking past each other.  Gee, never heard of politicians doing that huh?

In the Federalist #3 John Jay is addressing the very real national security issues facing the infant United States.  The British still controlled Canada and were stirring up trouble with the Indians in the Northwest Territories, which they weren't real happy about ceding to the former colonies.  In the south and along the Mississippi, the Spanish were also potential rivals and foes.  Jay argues that not only will a more united government make the people safer from foreign rivals, but ensure that only just reasons are used to wage war. An interesting juxtaposition for war, foreign policy and government, hmmm.

To quote:  "As to those just causes of war which proceed from direct and unlawful violence, it appears equally clear to me that one good national government affords vastly more security against dangers of that sort than can be derived from any other quarter."

In the Anti-Federalist #3 the author begins debating the issue of the new Congress- its makeup, how many representatives will be elected and how they will serve the people.  Amazingly enough, the same kinds of questions being asked today.

Two good quotes here:
"The well born, and highest orders in life, as they term themselves, will be ignorant of the sentiments of the midling class of citizens, strangers to their ability, wants, and difficulties, and void of sympathy, and fellow feeling. This branch of the legislature will not only be an imperfect representation, but there will be no security in so small a body, against bribery, and corruption..."


"...what security therefore can there be for the people, where their liberties and property are at the disposal of so few men? It will literally be a government in the hands of the few to oppress and plunder the many. You may conclude with a great degree of certainty, that it, like all others of a similar nature, will be managed by influence and corruption, and that the period is not far distant.."

So, the writers of the Anti-Federalist papers must have seen Nancy, Steny and the the gang coming huh?  They clearly had a healthy disdain for potential Congresscritters back then...what would the think of the pack of thieves and gadflies we have now?