Week in Review

Busy week personally and news-wise.

So how is it that one of the most racist, divisive organizations in the U.S. today -yes, that's right the NAACP, can label the Tea Party racist?  Careful libs, your desperation is showing...the Dems are going to get their ass kicked in November, and calling white people racist for opposing this Administration's policies is going to backfire.  This is, without a doubt, the most pathetic charge the left uses when they are losing an argument based on facts or logic.  This Congress and Administration's economic policies have done more harm to minorities and ALL Americans than the Klan ever could and the Tea Party and George W. Bush are to blame?  Hmmm, doesn't pass the smell test.  The Democrats are FIRMLY in charge of DC and are gonna rise or FALLLLLLLL on one simple question a la Ronald Reagan "Are you better off than you were two years ago?"  If the answer to that is "NO", or "I don't feel I am.", then Nancy is gonna have to decorate a new office.

More interesting is the movement in Afghanistan, where it appears the U.S. is going to try a similar program to the wildly successful Sons of Iraq militia from the 2007 Surge.  How well it will work is anyone's guess, but at least we can get more Afghans into the fight...presumably on our side.

The most interesting news of the day comes from the The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), one of my favorite policy maker sites.  They have been developing a new concept called AirSea Battle to provide the 21st Century equivalent to the highly successful AirLand doctrine developed by the Army and Air Force after Vietnam.  It is still in the conceptual stage, but appears to be gaining some traction with the Air Force and Navy.  Here is their latest report.