Founding Fathers were no dummies and no milquetoasts

This is a surprisingly good little novel about our Founding Fathers and the sausage making process that gave America its Constitution.  The author does an excellent job of portraying the near mythical figures of George Washington, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and others as mortals that not only had loft goals for their new republic, but the political acumen to make them happen.  Too many Americans think that shady deals, political arm twisting and backroom backstabbing are recent inventions of our political system.  This book answers that question by showing our Founders were no slouches to these tactics to get done what needed to be done, they were just more subtle and gentlemanly about politics.  Their wit, knowledge, learning and charm allowed them to end speeches with a silent "and the horse you rode in on." without erupting into fistfights or duels, although sometimes just barely.  The influence of slavery and the genuine anguish it caused the framers are also depicted with gritty realism, but no preachiness.

Although a rudimentary knowledge of the Constitutional Convention will make this book better for the average reader, I still found it fascinating page turner even with my rudimentary knowledge of the Constitutional Convention..