Obama gets his credit card cut...maybe

The fairly stunning swiftness with which the USA got our credit card smacked did not surprise someone as politically in tune as yours truly.  The S&P bubbas said they wanted $4T in budget cuts, but NOOOOO, Obama and his minions didn't want to cut a damn thing...nothing, zip, zilch, nada and were only dragged kicking and screaming like the petulant children they are by those evil Tea Party jihadists and their terrorist leaders, the US taxpayers....yup, that's right you and me.

I know the really, really "SMART" people in Washington, Manhattan, and Los Angeles like to poo poo us stupid hicks in flyover country, but really...who didn't see this coming...besides the Obama Administration, of course.

IN THE REAL WORLD, when you are in the hole, and getting deeper in the hole, you first of all, STOP FREAKIN' DIGGING...then start figuring out how to get out of this mess.

Of course, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the Dummycrats want to raise taxes.... I mean seriously, aren't the imminent death of those evil, evil "Bush Tax Cuts" in 2013 enough?  How about the Billions and Billions of $$ in Obamacare taxes, fees, penalties, and general shakedowns that are coming?

HEY MORONS, get a clue, you could tax the ENTIRE US ECONOMY and not kill the debt. Of course, those evil corporate jets must goooooooo, but us poor oppressed taxpayers can pay for Obama's magical mystery tour.

Sadly, I believe the Armageddon is coming.  I have predicted for a while now that you can forget race, gender, ethnicity and the ol' favorite of the Democratic Party- CLASS, (although most of them have no class)...the next big fight, which is gonna be ugly, ugly is the generational war that Obama is quickly sparking between the Social Security gang (ala Baby Boomers) and all their children and grandchildren.  When little Joey is told his taxes are gonna double to keep Grandma getting her checks and medicine and he suddenly can't buy a house or send his kids to college...hmmmmm, how's that going to turn out???

Sadly, there are no easy, painless, silver bullets...cuts are coming, big cuts, painful cuts, cuz at some point politicians will fear younger voters instead of Grandma.  Look for Death Panels and other means of capping medical costs, just like everyone of those evil Tea Partyers said...especially that ditz Sarah Palin, I mean, who would do such a thing?

Do you know who is the most restrictive nasty medical insurance provider---yup Uncle Sam....wait until Grandma gets told she can only see certain doctors, because guess what....Many of them are already refusing to take on new Medicare patients and it's only gonna get worse.

There are some radical ideas...some way out there, some not, but unless we want to turn into Wiemar Germany (yup, that worked out well for the world) or Zimbabwe, we need to acknowledge that Obama's policies are a failure and it's time to put an end to Keynesian economics.

At that's what this grouch ol' taxpayer thinks....