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If you like monster movies, thrillers, shoot 'em ups, or simply pee standing up, BUY THIS BOOK!  I have been a fan of the Monster Hunter series since my pastor (yes, that's right, my pastor, sci-fi geek that he is) handed me the first book and said I would enjoy it.  I never read monster or fantasy books, but I have been addicted to this series ever since.

Larry Correia has now ascended into the ranks of personal favorites like Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and yes, JD Robb where I must consume the book like a bag of peanut M&Ms as soon as it is released...and since it's a paperback, I don't have to endure my local library waiting list cuz I'm too cheap to pay $25 for a hardcover novel. (Yup, I said it)  However, with Larry's stellar writing and very dedicated fan base--check out his Monster Hunter International website-- I expect his books will graduate to full-blown hard covers soon (darn it).

If you are familiar with the series, this book is ALL about Earl Harbinger, butt-kicker extraordinaire and overall grouchy old guy (hmmm, I knew there was a reason I liked him).  It has some twists, many turns and is nearly impossible to put down, even for bacon.

The GOOD NEWS is that Mr. Correia has now become a publishing empire with two other series in print and at least four more Monster Hunter books on the way, at least that's what his website says.

Good news for the Monster Hunter Nation....