SERE school for Republicans

Being the political junkie that I am, it always amazes me to watch or read about Republican candidates trying to gain the favor of the old-line media. Now when I went to SERE school many years ago as part of my flight training...that's Search, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, or as we called it POW school, we were taught that everything we read or saw was a propaganda plot and to believe 1/2 of what we saw and none of what we heard...pretty good advice for the current CLM..that's Criminal Liberal Media.  I rarely believe anything I read online in the NYT or WaPo and almost get physically ill trying to read their editorial pages....I mean Paul Krugman gets a Nobel Prize??? Oyyy, clearly no better than a crackerjack prize.

Seriously, do ANY of the Republican candidates think they are going to get a fair shake by the likes of ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC? REALLY?? John McCain is a good guy and a true American hero, but he was utterly WRONG, FOOLISH and NAIVE to believe the entire liberal media machine wasn't going to hammer him in 2008 to protect and advance their anointed Obamassiah.  They tried to stick him with some ridiculous scandal about an affair with a lobbyist....and when that didn't stick, they went after his running mate.  The hit job the media did on Sarah Palin is epic even by CLM standards...I really wanted to probie slap Charles Gibson for his punctilious condescending interview nee quiz show interview he gave Sarah...but I shouldn't have been surprised.  Anyone who considers Sarah Palin less intelligent that Joey "Big F--in Deal" Biden is clearly in their own little propaganda world. He thought they loved him in 2000, and they certainly loved him anytime he crossed swords with George W...but there is no way, no how that the media is going to do anything but lie, cheat, steal, and coverup to protect Barry O in 2012. They literally made him out of nothing and they (the CLM) cannot bear to be proved wrong by their guy losing in a landslide.

So no matter how bad the economy gets or even if Iran gets the bomb, everything will be Bush's fault, the Tea Party will be evil racists and all Republicans will want to kick puppies and eat babies. From Hermann Cain to Rick Perry...any Republican should assume the media is their enemy and treat them accordingly...they certainly should expect every media encounter to be a potential maccaca moment if the likes of Diana Sawyer or Ed Schultz had the chance.

So what should they do? Take a page from Ronald Reagan and go around them...use the internet, talk radio and, of course my favorite news outlet Fox News to ignore and show the utter obsolescence of the CLM. I seriously wonder...who watches network news anymore? The last time I did, it was so vapid I had to change the channel to E! News was more topical. I have not even wanted to watch the ENDLESS debates this fall because I knew they would be moderated by idiots from CNN, CBS and other CLM outlets...I just catch the highlights, or lowlights as it were the next day.

SO, today's lesson...believe none of what you see on the CLM this political season.