Out with 2011----in with 2012

Well, 2011 is gone and here comes 2012.  Clearly, the Grouchy Historian was not too scholarly in 2011.  I only plowed through 18 books and 8 of them were fiction...darn good fiction, but fiction nonetheless.  Oyy, that is not good..perhaps a fallout from finishing up the MA in January and not having the pressure of academic knowledge to spur me along.

SO, 2012 is here and I am going to try and improve this mark...I figure 24 should be easily doable, and maybe 36 for a stretch goal.  Of course, brain candy will be thrown in, but I figure there is plenty on the Grouchy Historian bookshelves to choose from.

And, of course, 2012 is a critical election year, so there will be a lot of material to blog from since my pithy commentary and snarky observations were down significantly from previous years. 

Stay tuned....