Winston Churchill endorses Satan!

Okay, not really, but there is a legend that says when the Nazis invaded Russia in June 1941, all England was waiting to see what Winston Churchill would do.  After all, Winnie was a devoted anti-Communist and apparently hated them only slightly less than the Nazis.  Well, he gave a ringing endorsement in Parliament to support the Russians in their fight and he is quoted as saying, "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would give a favorable reference to Satan in Parliament."

Why do I say this?  Well, not to put to fine a point on it, but I hope my fellow conservatives, and erstwhile Republicans realize that our objective here is not party fratricide, but to defeat Barry O, Nancy P, and Dingy Harry in November.  That's right, as much as it sometimes pains me to say it, although Mitt may not be perfect, 4 more years of HOPE AND CHANGE will be disastrous for our country.

Now, I am just cynical enough to know there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, and although I would probably vote for Rick Santorum if he was on the Virginia GOP primary ballot, I will gladly support, endorse and vote for WHOEVER runs against Obama.  PERIOD, end of might say that makes me a Yellow Dog Republican.  But I'm okay with that, because I think, believe, and hope, that with enough fiscally conservative Tea Party Congresscritters, we can hopefully gut, if not outright appeal Obamacare, trim all this ridiculous budget engorgement and finally cut REAL spending in the federal budget and not just pick at the rate of growth.  (I mean, what an insane way of doing business...beginning your budget cycle ASSUMING you get 7% more to start with...I mean who the hell does that in the real world?!)

If this Grouchy Historian was KING for a day, EVERY stinkin' agency in the Federal government would start with ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, and have to justify every penny they get.  This is known as zero based budgeting and is how my family certainly tries to manage our finances.  I mean we have the mortgages, utilities, and other fixed expenses, but after that...sorry baby, there's only so much Schlitz.  Too bad our Congresscritters can't learn that.

So, as the media breathlessly anoints Obama for his second term, based on those AWESOME unemployment numbers of ONLY if that's good...remember when George W got HAMMERED for less than 6% unemployment...nope no double standard there.  Of course, those numbers are all LIES, cooked up by shrinking the labor force to make the data fit the conclusion...we used to call that "curve fitting" when I went to Canoe U...but HEY, most Americans are too busy watching American Idol and the Bachelor to notice.

Arghhhh, must be Monday.

Fortunately I have met some fellow travelers in Arizona...more to's nice to know someone is out there reading your humble, but Grouchy Historian.