Young Adult Fiction? What is that?

Okay, even the Grouchy Historian needs some light and fluffy reading every once in a while.  SO, my Plus 1 said, "Here you should read these books before the movie comes out."  Being the Grouchy person I am, I said, "Young Adult Fiction, seriously?"  Little did I know how much the crack fiction would affect me.  I read the entire trilogy in 96 hours and had to force myself to stop reading at night so I could sleep.

THE GOOD:  These books are definitely page turners and Ms. Collins has mastered the art of the end of chapter cliff hanger--WTF?--what was that? moments.  The story line is not over done and doesn't get bogged down in details and back story to set up the apocalyptic world of the book.  The style and language are definitely geared toward the YA audience (whatever the heck that is defined as), which of course adds to the page turning feel of these books.  The characters are very well developed and you quickly associate yourself with them and begin to cheer for Katniss and her family.  I also commend Ms. Collins on her ability to carry out the "show don't tell"  aspect of writing fiction--something this wannabe novelist has not even begun to master.

THE BAD:  ARGH, the whole teenage love triangle, angst thing is annoying...although at least in these books, no one sparkles or transforms into a werewolf.

THE UGLY:  I have to say the ending was COMPLETELY unsatisfactory.  The suspense builds through the final book, but I was very let down by the final plot twist and, quite frankly, the epilogue did not end the book well.  This was the only weak point, but it was a MAJOR weak point in this Grouchy Historian's opinion.  Maybe they will change the ending in the movies to give it more drama and a better sense of closure.

OVERALL:  These were a welcome break from the pretty intense reading schedule I have planned for this year.  Although there will no doubt be additional brain candy later, primarily Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and JD Robb, Suzanne Collins and her trilogy of adventure, sacrifice and courage in the face of certain loud and painful death is highly recommended.

Oh, and for a brief time Amazon had them as free Kindle downloads....I never thought I would be reading a book on my iPhone, iPad and the old fashioned way all at once...but there I was, in the doctor's waiting room, reading Kathiss' adventures on my iPhone...trying not to squint too much.  Hmmmm must be the 21st century.

"May the odds be ever in your favor"