Brain Break

Yes, it's time for another brain break from your Grouchy Historian, but don't worry, more Clausewitz, Federalist Papers, and serious book reviews coming...I just got Prof Carol Reardon's new book and it's going to be very interesting...

But on to our brain break...yes, my guilty pleasure, the newest JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts) book Celebrity in Death.  As you well know, I have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to my fiction, and JD Robb is probably the guiltiest.  HOWEVER, her new book continues to provide the usual mixture of character, story and witty banter that keeps this series fresh into its 30th or so volume.  Oyyy, it would be nice to have a complete list of the novels, short stories, and audio only books in this series....humph. 

This novel centers around a mystery during the filming of a movie about the Icove case from Origin in Death, which is a very cool tie in if you think about it.  The mystery is pretty well done, although I have to admit, the resolution of the case was not as surprising as it might have been.
Now, I know some people may wonder how an author can keep going after 30 volumes, and I will admit that there are some formulaic aspects to this book.  But, like finely crisp bacon cooked just right, the power of her characters and their interaction keeps you wanting more.  Not to mention the continuity of the story line provides an excellent thread to weave among the individuals mysteries and really makes this series irresistible.  The complex emotional make-up of Eve and Roarke offers nearly endless possibilities, and  Nora R. does an excellent job of diving into their lives in a supremely realistic and sympathetic manner. 

Most importantly, as mentioned in previous posts on these books, Nora R. remains probably the very best writer, in my humble opinion, when it comes to developing secondary characters into heavy players, and having multiple volumes to do so just adds more dimension to their personality.  In particular, I LOVE the interaction  between Peabody and McNab almost as much as the really top notch dialogue between Eve and Roarke.

So, kudos to JD Robb ;) another well done book to help ease the Clausewitz tension and knowing how much JD/Nora is a writing machine...seriously who can write 200 books???  NORA CAN!!  I look forward to many more volumes in the future.