Did Romney smack Obama like Napoleon at Austerlitz?

Napoleon is said to have quoted "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." So what does this have to do with this week's debate?...well it reminds me of the Battle of Austerlitz, probably Napoleon's greatest battlefield victory and one of the most decisive tactical victories in history. 

Much like the Austrians and Russians, Obama and his minions clearly figured that just by showing up (and helped by their ally Jim Lehrer) they would bury Romney with their awesomeness. I mean, after all, Obama was such a smooooth talker that he could convince people that the oceans were receding and the planet healing then he would make short work of the mean-spirited, rich, white, racist, homophobic, bigoted misogynist out-of-touch Romney.

Funny thing is...that didn't happen. Romney was calm, cool, collected, and prepared for whatever Obama might throw at him...and more importantly, he had a plan to not only repel Obama's attacks, but launch his own counterattack. 

Napoleon had a plan too...it also depended upon his opponents acting exactly like they usually did...
Napoleon's plan envisioned that the Allies would throw so many troops to envelop his right flank in order to cut the French communication line from Vienna. As a result, the Allies' center and left flank would be exposed and become vulnerable. In order to encourage them to do so, Napoleon even abandoned the strategic position on the Pratzen Heights, further faking the weakness of his forces and his own nervousness. Meanwhile, Napoleon's main force was to be concealed in a dead ground opposite the Heights. According to the plan, the French troops would attack and recapture the Pratzen Heights, then from the Heights they would launch a decisive assault to the center of the Allied army, cripple them and then encircle them from the rear. 
 This is pretty much how things went on Wednesday...and Obama not only got whupped but appeared completely unprepared for genuine hard questions about his RECORD and PLANS as opposed to his awesomeness and smooth talking...this article is by far the best postscript I have read.

The Chickens Come Home to Roost by Paul A. Rahe

There were many excellent quotes from this article..you should really read the whole thing...but here are a couple of my favorite.
Obama inherited a recession and, without bothering to disguise what he was up to, dedicated himself to exploiting it for the purpose of jamming through a radical program, dear to his party, that never had public support. About the recession, he did nothing, assuming that the economy would bounce back quickly, as it usually does, and that he would get the credit for the recovery. In fact, everything that he did do when he and his party were fully in control -- the looting bill thinly disguised as a stimulus bill, Obamacare, and Dodd-Frank -- retarded the recovery by running up the deficit, loading on new taxes, and making it more expensive to do business.
Wow...yup, that pretty much sums it up....as Romney correctly pointed out, Obama spent two years and ALL his political capital passing Obamacare...NOT working on jobs...except for public sector jobs...those indispensable teachers, cops, firefighters and other Dem Union Dues paying folks.

And here is the money quote...so awesome that I am surprised no one else has picked up on it.
For the first time in his life, Barack Obama was cornered. For the first time in his life, he was to be held accountable for his achievements. He was the ultimate affirmative action baby, and he had always been given a free pass. He had always run -- for chairman of the Harvard Law Review, for the Illinois state senate, for the United States Senate, and for the Presidency -- on promise. Now he was an executive running for re-election, and he was going to be held responsible for what he had done and for what he had failed to do. And, to make matters worse, he had been deprived of his security blanket. He did not have a teleprompter to fall back on.

WOWWWWW, the genuine splendiferousness of that quote cannot truly be measured...let me put it up in bold for you....
He was the ultimate affirmative action baby, and he had always been given a free pass. 

But not on Wednesday...Romney attacked up the Pratzen Heights, Obama was forced to retreat...and just like the Austrians and Russians, drowned in the Satschan frozen ponds of his own record (or lack thereof) and the battlefield went to Romney.

So can Romney follow up?  Well that remains to be seen...clearly Obama and his troops are not going to surrender...and this morning's suspicious (at least to me) jobs reports seems like Obama is getting some help from his Labor Department.  I would love to know how they crunch their numbers...are jobs getting better?  I suppose...is the economy getting better?  I hope so...does that 7.8% number seem kinda convenient to stop the Republican mantra of 40+ months of greater than 8% unemployment?  Wellll................you decide.