Obama's Last Ditch Throw

While I compared the first Presidential debate to Napoleon's masterful victory at Austerlitz, the last two debates seemed more like the final German Offensive of World War I.

In early 1918, the German war effort was nearing collapse.  Much like the Obama campaign, the Germans were exhausted, mostly bankrupt, and without any new ideas on how to win.  The Germans had spent hundreds of thousands of troops in 1916 waging furious trench warfare against the French at Verdun, attempting to wear down the French with grinding attrition warfare.  The Germans were nearly successful in breaking the will of the French Army, and indeed, in early 1917, the French Army (in typical fashion) nearly disintegrated under German pressure.

Like the German campaign of attrition, the Obamabots spent millions of $$ trying to paint Romney as a mean, stiff, boring old white guy.....and a Mormon!  You know, some weird cult that launches suicide bombers, throws acid at school girls, and hangs homosexuals...oh, wait that's the OTHER quirky little sect located mostly in the Middle East and North Africa.

But, like the Germans, the Obamabots shot their bolt, and like the miraculous stand of the U.S. Marines at Belleau Wood, Mitt Romney survived...and began his own counterattack at the first debate.
Obama, nearly as dismissive of Romney as the highly experienced sturmtruppen were of the Marines, was completely surprised, shocked, and defeated.  Like the Germans of early 1918, this was probably Obama's high water mark--and much like the oceans he was going to heal and recede, Obama's campaign has been in decline ever since.  The situation for Obama has gotten so bad that he tried to play military analyst at the last debate and probably opened himself up for even more Internet memes and ridicule for his "horses and bayonets" stupidity than he did defending Big Bird.  Romney was absolutely right about one thing...Obama has a record, it totally sucks, and nothing he can do or say about "raising taxes", "Investment in green energy" or, "economic patriotism", amounts to anything...what the hell is economic patriotism anyway?  I sure don't see Hollywood stars signing over 90% of their inflated paychecks to the government...does that make them traitors?  Well, probably Jane Fonda and Sean Penn....maybe Michael Moore....even Oliver Stone. 

NOW, Obama and his fellow travelers face the prospect of huge election defeats and have resorted to outright voter fraud and other dirty tricks to try and steal the election....yup STEAL the election....hopefully the groundswell will be enough to ensure the democRATic army of lawyers doesn't change the votes like they tried to do in Florida in 2000.  (YES, I believe that)

SOOO, where do we stand and what do I think?
  • Obama has no new economic ideas.  He is a committed socialist, redistributionist ideologue who KNOWS that all he has to do to fix the economy, reduce the deficit, and become the greatest President ever is to RAISE TAXES....so don't kid yourself folks, Obama wants ALL the "Bush" tax cuts to expire...not just the ones on "rich" Americans, but ALLLLLL of them.
  • Obama doesn't want sequestration to be undone.  Yup, forget his nonsense from the last debate...Obama wants to be able to avoid, avoid, avoid any and all responsibility for making adult and difficult decisions.  The Man-Boy President figures if sequestration goes into effect ALONG with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts it will do three things 1)  It will bring down the deficit, 2) He can gut the military, which ALL democRATs love to do 3) When social programs take the hit, WHICH THEY MUST to have any chance to reduce the deficit in a meaningful way, he can BLAME, BLAME, BLAME Congress and those meany poo-poo head Republicans.  Oh, and he probably thinks there will be enough money to fully implement Obamacare which will now cost at least twice as much as the bull-**it numbers (Obama's favorite phrase) that we were originally told.
  • Obama will get more angry, say more stupid stuff ANNNND, most interestingly, the democRATic party appears to be moving to cover his butt...at least for now...I mean seriously, now the NYT is gonna throw Bill Clinton, patron saint of the modern DemocRATic party, under the bus? Nope, no schadenfreude from me on this....I love it...I always said Bill is all about Bill....and Obama was a fool to trust him...do you really think the Clintons have forgiven and forgotten 2008?  There's a reason people still talk about the Hatfields and McCoys...Hillbillys know how to hold a grudge.
  •  IF Romney wins, and wins convincingly, I expect the entire DemocRATic establishment to run away from Obama like he's a hooker at a convent...he will be shunned, shunned, shunned.  Don't get me wrong, he'll make millions as one of those evil greedy 1%ers he loves to hate, move to his new house in Hawaii...closer to his Indonesian and Kenyan family members, no doubt.    BUT he will become persona non grata for the next four years as the Clintons execute their counteroffensive to retake the DemocRATic party and prepare for Hillary's 2016 run.  Assuming of course, that the whole Benghazi thing doesn't completely blow up in their faces.  Although I expect the Lamestream Media will immediately circle the wagons around Hillary if Obama loses, I hope the new Republican Congress (including the Senate :) will began hearings, subpoenas, and some Frog-walking of people.  OH, and there's still that pesky Fast and Furious crap that seems to be subsiding way too fast for my tastes....
So, that's where I think things stand with less than two weeks to go...soon, very soon, I will make my own prediction....like the great Sarnac...of how the election will turn out....and yes, tasty beverages may be involved....but none of Obama's favorite recreational drug, I assure you.


Anonymous said…
I eagerly await your election predictions...or maybe a reaction to result. Obama comfortable win in electoral college + Dems holding the Senate + gay marriage winning at the ballot box for the first time...not a good night for you I guess.
Blog post is up...and it doesn't matter about me...the country will pay the price.