Another Brain Candy Break- BRAD THOR...

Ahhh, the library wait list....anticipation at its finest.  At last I got the new Brad Thor and enjoyed it a lot.  I will be honest, it took me a while to get into the book, and I was kinda wondering where it was going, but once Thor gets you...he keeps you...turning pages....into the night...until your eyelids droop...just

To be honest, I think Brad is going to have to really come up with some new material for his next book...not because this one was bad...but a LOT of plot occurrences happen...which I won't tell you about because that would spoil the book...but I can safely say that his main character Scott Harvath doesn't have a lot of friends left at the end of this book.

Brad creates another really, really scary and plausible plot and his action scenes are very well done.  AND, of course, I was one of the people who LOVED his Athena Project book...and hope it continues as a series (wink, wink) and I was really hoping for some kind of Harvath cross-over, which this book a teasing, leaving me wanting more manner.

A fantastic contribution to my serious attempt at reading 30 books this year...yes I counted this book, just like I did those crack cocaine Hunger Games's all good. 

My new quadripartite of reading goodness seems to be JD Robb, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn and Larry far I have finished two...JD Robb is in progress....waiting for Vince....