MORE Brain Candy--The Best Yet

I have to say, like many of his fans, that I was very distressed to hear that Vince was fighting cancer the last year or so.  Fortunately for us, he is doing much better and has written a fantastic new Mitch Rapp book.  It was delayed many months but well worth the wait. 

I have been waiting for the next book in the sequence, as it were.  The last two Mitch Rapp novels were "prequels" and although I liked them a lot, there was not as much tension as his other books, since you knew clearly that no major characters could die since they had to show up in the later books.  Although from a story line perspective it was interesting to see how Mitch developed as a varmint killing bad-ass, there wasn't as much suspense or mystery to them.

THIS book, of course, meets all those needs.  From the very first page, Vince takes you on a ride that lasts until the very end.   He opens with an outstanding first line--"The four dead men were lined up on the living room floor of the safe house.  Mitch Rapp started with the one on the left."  Oh yea, it's game on from there baby! No spoilers here, just be assured you will be asking yourself- who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, do things seem straightforward or is there duplicity and double dealing?  (DUH). 

And most important--how is Mitch going to smite those evil terrorists and do-gooder knuckleheads that get in his way?  Needless to say, there is a very satisfying ending to all those who would stand in Mitch's path.

In my humble opinion, of the Brad, JD and Vince brain candy books I recently read, this is by far the best.  Vince's characters are a little less invincible than Brad Thor's and a little more bad-ass than JD Robb's.  I have to say that Vince doesn't have quite the secondary characters that either Brad or JD does, and there is no witty banter between Mitch and his co-workers or enemies, but then again I think Mitch would rather shoot you than talk to you--must be a guy thing.  Needless to say, if Mitch Rapp had been in Benghazi, there would be quite a few more dead terrorists laying around....

I sincerely hope Vince is able to stay healthy...I hope to have many more Mitch Rapp novels in the future.