stream of consciousness

Wow, coffee is awesome...I was just having a stream of consciousness...
So why do liberals think the Defense Department is so filled with mismanagement and waste that there must be BILLIONS we can cut....but there are perfectly comfortable with giving control of our health care system over to the government?  Do they think that one set of government bureaucrats are any more efficient or smarter than another?  This is always a mystery to me, since the military is really outstanding at killing people and breaking things, which is exactly what they are supposed to do.  But really, has anyone been to the DMV lately?  Think government healthcare will be any more efficient?
Another interesting question...why do liberals think that morals and values of the 1950s are gone, gone, gone, but the economy should still be there?  What I mean is, liberals like Paul Krugman (another reason why the Nobel Prize has become a well-funded Crackerjack prize) thinks that if we only had the economic conditions of the 1950s things would be great!!!  You know 30% union members, lots of well-paying and low skilled manufacturing jobs, 90% marginal tax rates.  
WELL MORONS, cuz the past is gone and just like conservatives have to listen to how gay marriage, sexual liberation and "if it feels good, do it" are so awesome compared to those stone-age morals, so you will have to get over the fact that the days are long-gone when someone straight out of high-school could walk down to the steel mill, car plant or coal mine and start to work with no training or education.  Not to say that manufacturing is dead...but it's DIFFERENT and that by and large means non-unionized.  Which means....that's right, there is no such thing as life-long employment with a company any more.  Now, professionals such as myself realized this from the start of our career and have planned accordingly...building up our skills, experience, and training to maintain our relevancy in a constantly changing world. 
This is a MAJOR shock to tenured Marxist professors, professional union bosses and community organizers, but most Americans have reluctantly accepted the fact that there is no such thing as job security anymore, unless you make it for yourself.  However, since Marxist professors, union bosses, and community organizers are also on the endangered species list, I'm sure they will figure that out soon enough...I'm not saying I like father worked for IBM over 33 years, my older brother worked for IBM for over 30...but I am kind of a dinosaur to have been with the same company for over 13 years.  I hope to do my 20...but who knows...and that's the way it is...but liberals...oh, so smarter than the rest of us liberals, seem stuck in the past economically.  I mean, they are "CITIZENS OF THE WORLD" so they should realize that low-skill jobs are going to go to the lowest bidder...first China...soon Indonesia or Vietnam...who knows after that.  
There are still some major manufacturing jobs (union too) that can't be outsourced, but liberals HATE these jobs because they are in the defense manufacturing industry, the oil and coal and natural gas industry...keeping in mind that solar cells can ALWAYS be made cheaper in China than Detroit..and of course, the aviation industry...until the NLRB screws up Boeing....
So, that's my Monday....argh...I won't even go into the whole liberal mantra of negotiation "Give me what I want or I will call you a meanie poopoo head...or take my ball and go home."  
It would be kinda funny to see Obama try and negotiate with Donald Trump though....Obamamy wouldn't know how to negotiate his way out of a paper bag...since he's never had know, community organizers don't protest...they go whining to their media buddies....oh, wait, didn't Obammy have a press conference today!?

Okay, over to decaf..............