Sequestmaggedon...what it really means.

As I finish my final book in the latest round of SMH goodness...and contemplate my own future based on the absurdity of the current manufactured crisis of Barrack Obama and the Senate Democrats, I figured I would investigate why everyone is so upset about the sequester.

SEQUESTER:  Noun:  A general cut in government spending.
So the first question I ask myself is what exactly is everyone in the Obama Administration (or Politburo, whatever) sounding the alarm about planes falling out of the skies, children starving in the streets and old people dying in droves?

Amazingly, the Washington Post has a pretty good article on the nuts and bolts of what it really means.

SO, after digesting all is the money diagram from that article:
How does one interpret that?  WELL, to this Grouchy Historian, one must conclude that Defense is taking it in the shorts...this was the poison pill that Obama and the Democrats assumed would force Republicans into a tax-hike deal which, SO FAR, they have avoided.  Is this bad?  YES. Is it likely to affect your Grouchy Historian?  Maybe?  Is it unbelievably stupid?  Yes...we still have people who don't like us and are ready to go to war with us...but Obama doesn't CARE...all he wants to do is hike taxes, defend Obamacare and try to put as many potential voters on the dole before January 20, 2017...then its golf for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense....PERIOD..
BUT, and here is why I think that Obama and his liberal progressive allies are in a near froth....there is no chance of getting ANY new domestic spending programs off the ground in the sequester environment.  NONE, this does not take into account the already in-place growth in government spending under Obama and his minions, but as far as universal preschool, buying back the youth vote by forgiving college debt, more green energy boondoggles...those are pretty much gone, IN SPITE of record tax revenue..yup, that's right in spite of record revenue...and the evil, greedy rich paying an increasing burden of the taxes...Obama wants MORE...after all we don't have a spending's those evil, greedy rich people that are causing $1T deficits.

This is what has the Democrats in a tizz...nearly a full blown catatonic state.  With the growth of government slowed down...but not stopped...I mean seriously who in the real world begins their yearly budget planning by ASSUMING a 4-6% growth in their budget?  NOT THIS Grouchy Historian...or anyone else who lives in the real world, but the Federal Government always assumes some growth every year...far above the stated inflation rate...which is bogus anyway.

But the sequester is the beginning of a return to common sense.  $1T deficits are not spite of idiotic comments by idiotic billionaire nanny-state mayors who think the biggest problem their city faces is super-sized sodas.

Do I like how the sequester is done?  No, I think there are smart ways to cut federal spending...including defense spending.  Is it better than nothing?  Well...these days....YES...with Cadaver Harry Reid determined to protect Obama and the Democratic Party from the political consequences of their spending by refusing to pass a budget for 1,400 days.....and counting...sequestration, may finally force their hand...we shall see.