It's not the crime, it's the really it is the crime

Like many Americans, I was outraged and saddened at yesterday's Benghazi hearings...sad that four Americans had to needlessly die and outraged that this Administration, actively aided and abetted by their anally-attached sycophants in the legacy liberal media engaged in a coverup to ensure the President's re-election...MAKE NO MISTAKE...this entire sordid affair was about getting Obama reelected...period..finito...end of story....a greater example of craven political calculation will likely never be seen again in American foreign policy.

Five Key Points from May 8 Benghazi Hearing

However, I think there is more afoot here.  In addition to trying to keep alive the lie that "Osama is dead and GM is alive"--Joey Biden's favorite catchphrase...combined with the media narrative that "Obama got Osama" if Barry jumped out of the lead Seal Team Six helicopter spraying lead at those evil terrorists...the bigger issue is the Obama's Administrations coming IMPLOSION of the Middle East, typified by the HUGE foreign policy success of Libya..followed by the equally awesome success in Syria....

This is another narrative the media has relentlessly peddled on the low-information, pot smoking, unemployed Obama voter--Obama got rid of a ruthless dictator, just as George Bush did, but with NO American casualties or boots on the ground..."Oooo, isn't he dreamy" swoons Chris Matthews AGAIN....however, not so much if you are a practitioner of realpolitik like my man Otto von Bismarck.

AND, most importantly, why haven't the terrorists who attacked our Embassy..and killed our Ambassador died in a fiery explosion caused by a drone strike (God knows Obama isn't afraid of those) or in a hail of lead from US Special Operations Forces?  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT question of all.  If Obama wants to be a bad-ass...then he needs to keep being a bad-ass or he will become just like his last Democratic predecessor...a has been Milquetoast who did not revenge the Mogadishu Debacle...which was a major contributing factor in Osama's plan for 9/11/01.

SO, let's address these point by point with my emphasis shown:

1. Libya is imploding:

The Libyan militiamen who have besieged two ministries in Tripoli for more than a week appear determined to press their protests to squeeze more concessions from the government, analysts say.
Initially these armed groups called for the adoption of a law to bar officials who served under the ousted regime of Moamer Gathafi from government and political posts.
Under intense pressure from the groups, the General National Congress voted through the law on Sunday.
But now some of these groups are pushing ahead with demonstrations and openly demanding the head of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan as well.
These militias say they are the "Thuwar" (revolutionaries) who battled Gathafi's troops until the fall of his regime in October 2011.
But in reality, they are a motley mix of "armed fighters and civilians with varying political beliefs, motivated by personal ambition, even if their stated goal is to 'correct the revolution' they believe has been skewed by the presence of former Gathafi collaborators in the administration," said political analyst Issam Zubeir.
Libyan militias fighting to hold on to their grip on power
But once you scratch beneath the surface, it becomes evident that the rule of law and respect for human rights are still out of reach in Libya. Many militias refuse to disarm and come under the umbrella of the authorities, and remain in control of detention facilities and other strategic locations. In recent days, militias surrounded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, barring anyone from entering the building, and briefly detained a journalist who was covering the incident. Armed with rifles and machine guns, they demanded the enactment of the Political Isolation Law, currently under review by the General National Congress (GNC), and the resignation of the Minister Mohamed Abdelaziz, who they claimed had failed to remove ambassadors appointed by former administrations.
The running joke made by many people we met in Libya is that the only way to get protection from abuses by a militia is to seek the help of another militia. A human rights organization thrown out of its Tripoli office by an armed militia has now moved its headquarters to a different militia’s base area.
 So, there's the first lie...things are not going well in Libya...and don't even get me started on the disaster that will become Syria......Obama is no doubt hoping that will limp along until January 20, 2017...then some other poor schmuck (preferably Republican, I'm sure) can deal with it as he hits the links to the everlasting adulation of lefty historians.

2.  Why haven't the terrorists who attacked us died a horrible, gruesome death?

Well, this is the great unanswered question...part of the problem could be the fact that our "ally" was embarrassed when, after telling HIM that we knew it was a terrorist attack...the Administration's mouthpiece..Susan Rice, no doubt doing Obama's dirty work in anticipation of being the first black woman Secretary of State (apparently Condi Rice didn't count) pushed the totally BS story about the YouTube video induced riot...complete with mortars and RPGs...or it could be that if they vigorously went after the terrorists, they might have to explain how Al Qaeda was alive and well and TAKING over large chunks of embarrassing thing to talk about 4 weeks before the election....after all Sandra Fluke's free birth control was much more important to the future of America

SO, what happens now?  Well predictably, the loony left will rant, rave, obfuscate and use the "Hey Republicans did it too, meme"

But this is nonsense...Obama IS President, so the questions remain:  what did he know, what did he do about it, and WHAT DID HE TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

It is becoming apparent that Obama and his minions engaged in a deliberate lie, coverup, and continued lie to conceal the fact that an attack occurred, it was a terrorist attack...Al Qaeda was not Mali just showed. and the world is in fact, not safe even with Osama dead.  Oh, and the entire Middle East is coming unglued...including IRAQ..which Obama retreated from ASAP to declare that victory to his lefty base before the election..

This of course might interfere with Obama's plan to gut the military to try and save his soon to be a huge freakin' train-wreck Obamacare.  

OH, and again, don't even get me started on how Obama is going to pull another 1975 Saigon on Afghanistan and Iraq.....that's another post....