Harsh truths about 2014 and 2016

Ok, so the mandatory 72 hour breathless "Oh, God, Oh God We're all going to die!" waiting period is over.  Yes, one of my favorite lines from Firefly, a libertarians favorite show.  So now we can get around to the usual comparison of war and politics, a al Clausewtiz style.

SO, to start with Terry McAweful, un-indicted crook, money man, and overall schmoozer extraordinaire has won the governorship of Virigina, my home state.  I am still a little at a loss to accept the fact that a fundamentally decent, honest man (Ken) could lose to such a schmuck, but in the cold light of day, some honest real politik assessments must be made beyond the shallow offerings of the media pundits.  Some of these might be harsh, but that doesn't make them less true.

#1---(MOST IMPORTANT) To the modern Democratic party, politics, elections, and campaigning are a blood sport with no limits on the amount of mud to be slung.  They want to win and will do ANYTHING, SAY ANYTHING to do so, no matter how untrue.  As Clausewitz would say, the Democrats wage complete and total war without any limits on truth or facts.  Republicans better understand that-Democrat strategy numero uno is ...pick a lie, make it big, stick to it, and pretty soon low information morons will believe it.

For example......there is no legal way for any Republican to outlaw birth control or abortion.  PERIOD. (I really mean that, unlike the current administration).  The fact that any female voter would even begin to believe that is kinda hard to fathom.  BUT, it works and works well...now I know that some pro-life Republicans want to limit partial-birth and late term abortions, but the FUNDAMENTAL "right" to kill your unborn child in the womb, is, sadly, as much a law as Dred Scott, Plessy versus Ferguson or any other excellent laws passed by the Supreme Court (like the one that Obamacare is Constitutional because it is, in fact, a tax).  So, Republicans better get out in front of this "War on Women" BS NOW NOW NOW.  Plenty of commercials stating that women are welcome to pay for their own birth control and abortions would at least alleviate the worst effects of this nonsense, while also at least placating the base that we (conservatives) shouldn't have to pay for women's "Sex in the City" choices....you want to be pro-choice and keep people out of your bedroom?  FINE, then stay the hell out of my wallet to pay for it...sounds fair.

In the mean time #1 blends into #2...Get over the whole "REPUBLICANS ARE MEAN" crap.  Democrats will NEVER stop calling Republicans misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, puppy eating meanie poo poo heads...so STRIKE BACK and call them the CROOKED, FASCIST, HYPOCRITICAL, MORONS they are.

My biggest complaint about the 2008 and 2012 Republican campaigns were not the candidates...although they were not my favorite, but the fact that the ENTIRE party was so afraid to attack Barrack Hussein Obama as the crooked, socialist, dope smoking, Chicago thug, inexperienced light weight that he was.  Shoot, Hillary landed more punches on him in the primary than McCain did on the campaign.  All because Republicans didn't want to appear "racist" by attacking Obama on his past, his record, his inexperience, his loopy ideas.  WELL GUESS WHAT, they are going to call you racist anyway...and guess what, if Hillary runs, they will call you a "woman hater" for attacking her on Benghazi, the Middle East, Fast and Furious, whatever. 

So grow a pair Republicans, and get prepared for a knife fight in a phone booth, because that's Democratic politics.  Nice guys never win in politics these days.  Democrats can NEVER win on issues...like Obamacare, raising taxes, regulating soda sizes, etc, so they always resort to character attacks.  What the Republicans need is another Lee Atwater....one good Willie Horton moment and Hillary is toast.  WHOA, WILLIE HORTON, does that make me a racist?  Nope, it's called hard ball politics...I would have Benghazi placards at every Hillary rally and I would tie Hillary to Obama every way I could.

Once we find a candidate that doesn't care what the NYTWAPONBCABCCBSCNNMSDNC media complex think about him, we might have a chance....they had better have a thick skin and be willing to fight back and call Democrats out on their crap....otherwise the "War on Women" meme will win every time.

You may be able to reason with the voters, but Republicans can NEVER reason with Democrats in a political campaign.  Be prepared to spend big, sling mud, and defend yourself vigorously while launching everything you can at your opponent.

 It's not polite and certainly will turn some voters off, but that's the way it is...in World War 2 the allies were just as willing to carpet bomb German cities as the Germans were English cities...we'd better get our bombers ready and be willing to fight the hard fight against not only the Democratic party and their direct supporters, but their cheerleaders in the media, Hollywood, academia and every other lefty institution.

Politics is war....there are no points for second place....