Random thoughts....need more eggnog

So, in a fit of frenzied year end blogging, a few random thoughts occur:

1) Why do liberals see nothing but waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars from the Defense Department, but consider it inhuman to inquire about waste, fraud, and abuse in the myriad of welfare programs run by the government?  Do they assume that only stupid and lazy civil servants work at DoD but not at HHS, or the Agriculture?  Only defense contractors are crooked and not welfare queens that auction their foodstamps on Craigslist? This goes along with that whole nonsense that liberals peddle that "welfare is good for the economy" and "foodstamps are a form of stimulus"  Yea, for Democratic votes maybe.  The idiocy of counting government JOBS and JOBS is economically silly.  Not to denigrate gubment workers or anything, but every government job is paid for with TAXES.  This may come as a shock to Democrats who think money grows on trees (or the Federal Reserve, whichever) but REAL JOBS from REAL private companies are what provides the TAXES for government jobs.  Economics 101, morons.

2)  Why do liberals consider that all corporations are run by evil, greedy robber barons, but all government is run be benevolent Mother Teresa types that ONLY have the public good in mind?  I don't disagree that corporate CEO pay packages can be a little ridiculous and I actually think the old golden parachute is a little absurd, but it is at least THEIR own money (or their shareholders, I guess) that corporations spend.  Why don't liberals wonder how people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi go from very modest means when they first enter Congress to become multimillionaires as "public servants"?  I mean liberals unloaded the hate on Mitt Romney as a rich capitalist, but at least he wasn't getting rich on a Senator's salary...how exactly does that happen?  CBS News?  CNN?...anyone in the lame stream media want to 'splain that?

So, here's an interesting question for all those Occupy numbnuts...why hasn't any big banker gone to jail?  After all, if those greedy bastards caused the '08 crisis, why aren't they swinging from the lampposts?  CLUE IN MORONS, they contribute money to just as many Democrats as Republicans.  AND, of course, I think the Democrats would not like to shine too much of a light on the effect of the Community Reinvestment Act on the whole banking crisis.  That's right liberals, look it up--Congress forced banks to make bad loans to, yup, you guessed it "poor oppressed minorities" that they would NEVER EVER be able to pay back in the interests of...wait for it....FAIRNESS.  So, banks, being good capitalists, contorted their lending policies to protect themselves from the gubment and BLAMMMO, sub-prime mortgages, ready for meltdown....again economics 101.

3)  When liberals and atheists and knuckleheads decry the infiltration of "religion" into politics, how do they want to explain their own philosophy and world view?  I mean, it seems to me that EVERYONE has some sort of internal code that guides how they think, what they believe, and how they form moral, and if an elected official, public policy decisions.  It would appear to me that liberals simply want CHRISTIAN philosophy and thinking eliminated from the public sphere...Gaia worshipping and Secular Humanism seem to be just fine...and no, don't tell me those aren't religions....if they form your inner core of character, consciousness and conscience, then they are your religion....period. (and I mean that, PERIOD, unlike Barry O).  To say that religion has no place in public life and political policy seems a little absurd and self serving...after all to many liberals, socialism is their god and Marx is their prophet....may Che's name be praised.

4) AND, here's my wind up to the big finale...how exactly is abortion health care?  I mean liberals make it a bedrock principle that Obamacare must cover abortion and contraception as "Women's Health care Issues" (liberal's favorite code word for abortion on demand).  But medically speaking, how is abortion health care?  I am no doctor (oyyy, I could never cut into an overly rare steak without wanting to throw it back on the grill a little bit more) but it seems to me that any medical "procedure" that interferes with a naturally occurring process in the body, i.e., pregnancy, could not reasonably be called a health care procedure.  This goes back to my point above. Liberal progressive commies, secure in their smug moral superiority, always want to RAM the most extreme and distasteful part of their world-view, nee religion, in this case unlimited abortion on demand paid for by taxpayers, on conservatives to prove that they are smarter, better and more smug.

Is pregnancy a disease?  Maybe that's the question the AMA should be asking if it wasn't another lefty group that just sold its members down the road for Obamacare (kinda like the AARP--hey how's that whole Medicare $700B cut working out for ya, Grandma?)  It would seem to me that abortion and contraception are LIFESTYLE concerns, not HEALTH CARE issues.  As my momma used to say, if you don't want to get pregnant, don't sleep around.  WOW, does that make me a knuckledragging Republican?  OK, then answer the question libs--IS pregnancy a disease?  Or do women just want sex without consequences?  Which is a great deal for guys...who have really won the one-night stand contest.  Sleep around and if you get a girl knocked up...hey, it's her problem....REALLY? 

This seems to be a question no one wants to ask...if pregnancy isn't a disease, then abortion can't be considered a health care procedure...seems pretty straightforward to me...but hey, I'm a man, so what do I know...Sandra Fluke is probably way more qualified to answer this....SO, here's what I say to these people...prove that pregnancy is a disease or if you want to play the "government out of my bedroom game" then fine...I say "keep your naked hand out of my wallet"...if you want to use your LIFESTYLE promoting contraceptives, then pay for them yourself.  As long as abortion is, unfortunately, the law of the land, then PAY for your own and stop expecting religious taxpayers to foot the bill for your life CHOICES...if you want to be PRO-CHOICE, then be freakin' PRO DEAL WITH IT.

Finally, on a lighter note...cuz I know feminists will never actually debate me on this issue of abortion as health care....
WHAT is the deal with Christmas and peppermint?  I mean seriously, my freezer is full of Peppermint ice cream from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day...stop the madness...