The Grouchy Historian's Naughty and Nice List

Yes, it's almost Xmas, so who will Santa be bringing coal to this year?  Hmmm, my naughty and nice list probably won't surprise anyone...but it is.


1)  Barrack Hussein Obama---Elf says it best:
Yup, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA...and...Obamacare.  Is there a shred of honesty or decency in anything this Administration says?  How can anyone in this town trust him?  Except gullible Republicans like John McCain and John Boehner. 

2)  Every Democrat up for reelection in 2014---YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE.  Nope, not gonna be able to dodge your votes for Obamacare next year...not even with the help of Jesus.  There is nothing any of you lying numbnuts can, nada, zilch.  You break it, you bought it.

3)  Al-Shabbab terrorists--Really?  Why aren't there more smoking holes in Somalia after that attack on the mall in Kenya?  BIG, BIG smoking holes.  I mean, it's not like more rubble would make the place worse.


1)  Papa Robertson--that's right Mr. Happy, Happy, Happy.  An unlikely defender of the 1st Amendment, but maybe he will bring about the long needed come to Jesus moment (no pun intended) to discuss why the left is OFFENDED ABOUT golly don't you dare question the left's patriotism, morals, intelligence, motives or policy results you redneck, xenophobic, homophobic, racist hunter...REALLY?? But Christians have to put up with Bill Maher, darling of the left?  Ed Schultz, union payed hack? and Al Sharpton, lying race baiter?  It's almost as if lefty liberal pinkos have some sort of inferiority guilt complex.  NAH, that would require a conscience, and after all, morality is all subjective right?  IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT?  Isn't that the mantra of the modern left?  Anyway, I hope the Robertsons have the guts to tell A&E to choose....either the audience that actually watches Duck Dynasty (one of my favorite shows) or a bunch of liberals that probably wouldn't know a duck call from a kazoo...after all, it's not like Duck Dynasty couldn't move to another network.... 

2)  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul--love 'em or hate 'em, they stand up for their beliefs and don't seem to care if the NYTWAPOCBSNBCABC machine mocks and ridicules them.  Hmmm, I bet a REAL bunch of journalists would be asking why Obama is delaying so MUCH of his signature legislation JUST like Ted Cruz and the Republicans wanted...before they went all squishy.  And of course, Rand Paul took a principled stand against Obama and his Big Brother state...wonder what libs would say if ol' Dr. Evil, otherwise known as Dick Cheney, had done half the crap Obama has done with surveillance of Americans.

3)  Sarah Palin--Caribou Barbie (who always seems to have the last laugh on the haters) was sooooo right->Death Panels do exist in Obamacare  And she is still lethal to 800 meters with a rifle.  I have not yet tried her recipe for moose chili...but I may.  Liberals mock her at their own peril...but hey, what do I know...I'm sure Ed Schultz is wayyyyy smarter than me.

4)  The Tea Party-- racist, xenophobic wingnuts or patriotic Americans?  Whatever you believe, they remain a political force to be reckoned with.  How do I know?  Cuz the media spends so much time trying to write their obituary...sometimes with the help of RINOs.  But they will be a factor in 2014, 2016 and beyond.  So better dig in Washington establishment... your cozy lobbying positions and Congressional pensions may not be so assured.

5)  Pope Frances--is the Vicar of Christ a liberation theology whacko?  Who knows, but he is shaking up the Catholic Church and flummoxing the mainstream media, who so desperately want a Pope who will endorse gay priests and condoms handed out in Mass.  I suspect they will be SOOOOO disappointed, but hey, let them enjoy their wishful thinking.  The media will probably have a lot of that in 2014.

That's about all I have.....Merry Christmas to all!!!