First brain break book of 2014

I love Larry Correia's Monster Hunter books...the same way I love bacon-wrapped shrimp.  He is becoming a publishing powerhouse, with three separate lines of books all getting ready to break into the all important hardback book market...which is a big deal according to my +1. 

However, I have to say I have not gotten into his Grimnoir Chronicles...maybe I will later.  But this series is really shaping up nicely as a collaborative venture between Larry and Mike Kupari.  This is the second volume in this series and was quickly consumed.  I liked the characters, the pacing, and the shoot'em up action.

Even better, the authors maddeningly have simultaneously maintained  a mystery, cliff-hanger, and sequel set up that already has me searching on Amazon for when the next book comes out...argh.

This provided an excellent break before I begin my big research push for the year that will hopefully see some substantive writing done on this blog.  Hey, this book is less than a couple of latte's, so pick it up and disappear into guns, mayhem, and mystery.  You won't regret it.