Political doldrums

It has been a while since I have aired my latest take on the wild, wonderful world of politics.  Yet, the motivation to do so seems to be lacking.  I mean the utter absurdity of the modern liberal, progressive movement leaves me nearly speechless or maybe keyboardless, as it were.

First, President "Who Me?" continues to be ignorant of everything his Administration does, yet is so sure there can't be ANY wrongdoing...but how can he know?  After all, he knew nothing about the IRS persecuting Tea Party groups, nothing about what happened in Benghazi, nothing about Fast and Furious, nothing about the Obamacare website...so how does he really know what his minions are doing in his name?

Second, the utter stupidity of the Democratic party this week actually stunned even me...Obamacare frees you from "job-lock?"  What the hell does that even mean?  You mean that you don't need a job anymore?  Just quit and go on welfare and get free Obamacare?  REALLY?!?!?  The utter insanity of this line of logic is....well, I actually have no words.

Yet, the Republicans seem to be playing catch-up ball most of the time.  It appears the lunancy in immigration "reform/amnesty" has been shelved at least for a little while.  This actually made me perk up a little...it's about time that the Republican leadership catch up to the rest of the company in realizing that Barrack Hussein Obama has no interest in following any mere legislation or law...those are for the peasants. 

His mighty pen and phone mean that any sort of immigration law will be treated like Obamacare...it will mean whatever is politically expedient  for the Democratic Party.  The lack of trust between Obama and his "enemies", which pretty much means anyone who has a job, loves America, or wants to not have their wealth spread around is finally sinking in with the Washington establishment, and it's about damn time.  If you can't trust a serial liar, it's hard to to business...and it appears that the teleprompter President can no longer be trusted.

Sadly, this is about the only true lesson I have picked up...the next two years are going to be ugly.  Obama has no more elections to win, so he clearly doesn't care about what the public thinks, and since no one in the Republican Party appears to be willing to endure the avalanche of "racist" slander his defenders in the lamestream media would unleash if actual restraints on his executive overreach were used---either the budgetary powers of the House of Representatives or even impeachment, the only hope for America is a stunning defeat in the upcoming elections to make those Democrats that DO need to win elections in 2016 willing to distance themselves more...especially if they lose control of the Senate and Harry Reid can no longer run interference for unpleasant decisions Obama doesn't want to have to make.

So good luck America, our liberal utopia may be just around the corner, where we can all be dope smoking Haight-Ashbury residents just hanging around the commune painting, playing guitar and then collecting our free Obama stuff...but I doubt it.  More like we will be desperately trying to hold onto those quaint things known as jobs and mortgages while we try and ride it out until January 20, 2017.