If you are a student of history and human nature, you understand that man hasn't really changed that much in 4,000 years since my man Thucydides postulated that all human interaction was driven by fear, honor, and interest.
"It was in keeping with the practice of mankind for us to accept an empire that was offered to us, and if we refused to give it up under the pressure of three of the strongest motives, fear, honor, and self-interest."
This has been a particularly harsh time for the ol' Grouchy Historian, as this weekend I saw what is without a doubt the single most asinine example of American foreign policy EVER.

Well, like most of America, I was shocked, SHOCKED, that the Islamic Jihadi Thugs didn't immediately bow to the inevitable Twitter cavalcade of vapid celebrities posing for selfies with that sign and release those girls with a heartfelt apology.

I mean seriously, can you imagine Eleanor Roosevelt posing with that sign after the fall of Bataan saying #Returnourboys?  Or even Laura Bush posing on September 12 with a sign that said #bringbackourtowers?

HOW absurd has this administration come?  How low can they go in trashing America's image and standing in the world?

In case anyone in the White House or State Department wasn't paying attention...and apparently they haven't been....Boko Haram is an ISLAMIC JIHADI organization...let me repeat that so I am good and politically correct ISLAMIC JIHADI terrorist organization that is not a bunch of poor, misunderstood boyz n the hood that are being oppressed by the Koch Brothers.  They are a bunch of neanderthals from the 7th century that hate CHRISTIANS, the WEST, STARBUCKS, WHOLE FOODS, and everything except their own interpretation of Islam.  And holding up stupid signs for First Lady Selfies isn't going to change that.

Of course, anyone who has studied history knows that Islamic Jihadis can't be reasoned with...you won't be sitting down to a latte with them to understand why they hate us...is it our weird Christian beliefs (don't worry liberals hate those too!)...is it our rock and roll and iPods?  Is it because they haven't had the chance to sign up for Obamacare?  

NO, they hate use because we are not Muslims...period.

You can no more reason with them than you can with a rabid dog.  I mean seriously..how do you reason with people willing to DIE TO KILL YOU.  You don't...you just use the joy of superior firepower to exterminate them...like the vermin they are. 

This is kinda mysterious to me....President Selfie loves his drones....loves killing Al Qaeda with drones...shoot he would probably use a drone strike on ol' Donald Sterling if he thought he could justify it....why don't we have about 4 or 5 drones and Seal Team Six looking for these kidnapped CHRISTIAN schoolgirls?  After all, now Obama's celebrity buds think this is important....today...in the polls....and since Boko Haram is not going away, and is, like most of the ISLAMIC terrorist groups reconstituting and getting stronger...why not blow them to hell while world opinion is on our side?

Certainly the Nigerians aren't up to the task...and probably don't care anyway.  At least not until Boko Haram starts to seriously disrupt Nigeria's oil business, graft, and corruption.

But don't take my word for it...as always, there are seasoned foreign policy gurus and ACTUAL historians to wreak havoc on the ludicrous status of American diplomacy.

A Selfie-Taking, Hashtagging Teenage Administration

Eliot Cohen is a master historian who has written one of the seminal books on political and military leadership in time of war, so he is very qualified to deliver this scathing critique of the poltroons currently driving America's world leadership and standing into the dirt.
Often, members of the Obama administration speak and, worse, think and act, like a bunch of teenagers. When officials roll their eyes at Vladimir Putin's seizure of Crimea with the line that this is "19th-century behavior," the tone is not that different from a disdainful remark about a hairstyle being "so 1980s." When administration members find themselves judged not on utopian aspirations or the purity of their motives—from offering "hope and change" to stopping global warming—but on their actual accomplishments, they turn sulky. As teenagers will, they throw a few taunts (the president last month said the GOP was offering economic policies that amount to a "stinkburger" or a "meanwich") and stomp off, refusing to exchange a civil word with those of opposing views....If the United States today looks weak, hesitant and in retreat, it is in part because its leaders and their staff do not carry themselves like adults. They may be charming, bright and attractive; they may have the best of intentions; but they do not look serious. They act as though Twitter and clenched teeth or a pout could stop invasions or rescue kidnapped children in Nigeria. They do not sound as if, when saying that some outrage is "unacceptable" or that a dictator "must go," that they represent a government capable of doing something substantial—and, if necessary, violent—if its expectations are not met.
Yup, couldn't have said it better myself...the narcissists are in charge and how dare you racist, bigoted rubes disagree with their utopian "Hope and Change" nonsense.

Meanwhile Putin is laughing all the way to the streets of Kharkiv....