Brad is back

So, my summer fiction rolled on with this long-awaited book.  Although I do love Brad Thor, as I have previously noted, I kinda felt he was getting into a bit of a rut.

Fortunately, his characters are excellent, his pacing is perfect, and whatever he writes becomes a page turner pretty darn quick...and he is becoming maddeningly excellent at the multi-volume plot and backstory that left me saying..."Wait, I remember this from an earlier book!" 

This book brings him back to what I feel is his origin and area of excellence, the "save the U.S." thriller that he is known for. 

I really enjoyed this book, and have to say even though you are reading the action and conspiracy unfold, it isn't until about halfway through the book, that I started to get an inkling of exactly what the dastardly plot was...which even though it isn't new in terms of evil plans, was nonetheless done fairly well. 

Mr. Thor doesn't waste time or energy on secondary plots or even secondary characters...everyone is merely a supporting actor to Scot Harvath and that's fine. 

It's good to see Mr. Thor moving past his conspiracy stage to his thriller roots.  I am still hoping for a full Athena Project sequel or crossover with his Harvath character...maybe next year.

Nonetheless a fine summer read that was quick and satisfying.