Excellent Summer Read

Ahh, after patiently waiting for almost six months...I at last dove into the latest Monster Hunter book. Needless to say, it was like fiction crack. Yup, hated having to eat, sleep and take care of biddness, but I did at some point.

If you are a fan of the series, this book does a marvelous job of telling the story of Agent Franks, my favorite denizen of death, destruction, and snark.

It goes so far that we learn the theology of monsters...which is totally awesome. Mr Correia really enjoys his monsters...who knew they had such a spiritual side....so to speak.

I was personally a little disappointed that there was not more involvement from my favorite Monster Hunter International characters, but Agent Franks more than takes up the pages with his awesomeness.

These books continue to improve and I was really happy to see that Mr. Correia has now published his second hardcover book, which I know is a BFD for an author, especially a sci-fi author. He has managed to find an excellent niche that he can clearly dominate and build a fan following....including yours truly.

Certainly these book will never be considered "serious fiction, " like say The Audacity of Hope or Hard Choices or...my personal favorite Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters, but they are solidly written, show some above average character development, have sharp dialogue, and achieve any author's primary goal...to get the reader to like the characters and want to turn the page to see what happens, which I can safely say would not be true for the above noted volumes.

For these metrics, Mr. Correia succeeds and has consistently done so for this entire series.

If you love a good story, read these books...you won't be disappointed.