Let them come...........warning...not for the faint of heart

JUST BE WARNED, if you think Luis Gutierrez, Jim Moran, Charles Schumer or Shelia Jackson Lee are rocket scientists, read no further...your head will explode.

I am trying to enjoy and complete my summer reading...and there is plenty of it. But I have been listening to all the broooohaha about the invasion (refugee flood, whatever) of illegal or undocumented, or unregistered Democrats on our southern border. Now it seems to me that lots of morons like Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Demoamnesty-ILL (murder capital of the US)) are eager, very eager to welcome these illiterate, unskilled poor people into the US. Amnesty shills love to quote the ol' Statue of Liberty:
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
Now, I would have no trouble with that...if it were true.  But here's my question...if all these folks fleeing drugs and violence want is a chance at the American dream...to make money...have a better life, whatever...that's fine...BTW don't go to Chicago or Detroit (bastions of liberal policies).  SO, how about we tell them that if you want to live in America, fine, then stop sending $50B back home while soaking up our food stamps, welfare, and other benefits?
Remittances from all sources to Spanish-speaking Latin American countries have more than doubled since 2000 but remain below their peak in 2007, the year in which the U.S. Great Recession began. The 2013 estimated total ($53.8 billion) is 13% below 2007’s $61.6 billion (in 2013 U.S. dollars).
The United States is the most important source of money sent home by migrants to the 17 Latin American nations as a group (including Mexico) that are the focus of this report. U.S. remittances accounted for three-quarters of the total in 2012—$41 billion out of $52.9 billion, according to World Bank data.
 I mean think about it...$50B...that's BILLIONS, 1,000 MILLIONS...sent home while American taxpayers pay for their medical care, food, housing, etc....seems kinda skewed doesn't it?

However, being the Machiavellian that I am, I actually think Republicans are not handling this well.   Given that most Americans are becoming increasingly alarmed and upset by our Dear Leader's actions or inaction in dealing with this invasion--a problem for a number of vulnerable Democrats in the upcoming election, I think Republicans should borrow a line from that most hated of persons by the left--George W. Bush, to wit:  "BRING IT ON!"

If Obama wants to unilaterally declare some pseudo-amnesty, I say let him...absolutely....go ahead, Barry...give away 5,000,000 work visas.....THEN here's what I would do:

1)  NOT PASS a bit of immigration reform...and let Obama PROUDLY say he blew off Congress to do what his radical amnesty pushing base wanted...and go ahead and throw the U.S. Chamber of Commerce under the bus too, because they are just as guilty...sadly I would have to point out to my fellow Americans that the so-called Republican Party is completely in the tank for big business on this one...and they want plenty of cheap labor to undercut salaries and depress wages while exploiting these people.  WOW, did I just sound kinda like a Democrat there?  Maybe, but I could get behind a little populism now and then....just sayin' 

2)  Make sure the various states and cities know that they will not get ONE ADDITIONAL federal $$ to overcome the dumping of these illegals on their schools, hospitals, police, social work, and whatever.  After all, there really isn't any federal money anyway.  BUT I would sure as hell let Barry and his travelers OWN this.  When average Americans find out just how much this act of invasion is costing THEM, then the fun will really begin. Wait until all those helicopter parents get told that AP classes have to get cut to pay for ESL courses...hmmmm.  Or wait until hospital ERs are filled with people carrying who knows what diseases from the Middle Ages....hmmmm

3)  If I had my way, we would send every single one of these huddled masses yearning to be free to one of America's sanctuary cities.  I know this seems harsh and uncaring, but it's really more of what my momma said to me-"Actions have consequences."  Since this Administration has NO legislative skills, NO ability to get anything done except by executive action...FINE...DO IT...then deal with the fallout.  And since these cities are clearly more caring and compassionate than others...let them have these poor refugees...seems fair.

4)  Also, if I had my way, I would stop remittances to Latin America from the U.S.  If these poor folks want to come to America, then their money should stay in America and boost the economy...after all, that's what Democrats say immigration does, right?  Or, even, better, we could do what Democrats love and tax it at 50% to help cover Medicaid and welfare costs...that seems fair, right?

As I have said before, this Administration can't get anything done, not because Republicans are evil, mean racists, although that's what everyone on MSNBC says, but because NO ONE TRUSTS OBAMA!

Even Bill Clinton could get things done, because he didn't rewrite laws to serve political purposes and of course he had a Republican Congress to write the laws who didn't say-"Well, we have to pass the bill to see what's in it." After the executive bending and contorting of Obamacare to influence 2 elections, I wouldn't pass any immigration legislation until 2017, because it WON'T MATTER anyway.  If Republicans don't want to impeach Obama...and I have two words for that...President Biden....then let Obama take the political heat for his unconstitutional executive actions....or better yet let the Democrats who want to get elected AFTER January 20, 2017 take the heat...Obama won't care.

SO, go ahead Republicans, let Obama take responsibility for putting thousands of MS-13 gang members on our streets and watch to see how average Americans react.

Rational people know that SOME kind of immigration reform is needed, including PROTECTING the borders and ensuring employers OBEY the law and don't hire illegals.  But this President isn't going to get it done...period....his might as well finish checking out because he has no credibility left in this town.

So go ahead Barry....use that pen and phone...let loose 5,000,000 more people into an economy that's still got millions out of work and the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years.   Then we'll see you at the ballot box in November.............