Happy Tax Day...or as liberals like to say "Pay up you peasants"

So today is that most miserable of days...Tax Day...the day we Americans dutifully file our taxes and hope that at some point in the calendar year we can finish throwing money down the gaping maw that is our government.
Here's a happy chart for you...

Ronald Reagan probably said it the best.

"Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."

Now I understand that we need taxes to pay for police, roads, teachers, Obama's vacations, etc, etc. But it seems like some liberals, okay MOST big government progressive liberals, think that more taxes are ALWAYS better. Really? Yes, they really do.

Take this awesome article by...you guessed, a liberal journal, The New Republic..A little less looney than Salon, Slate, or even Vox, the three rags where people who aren't talented enough to write for MSDNC go to work I guess.
Raise Our Taxes. Please

Nope, this isn't the Onion, and this is not satire. This knucklehead is totally serious.
"In the coming years, the federal government is going to need more revenue. Nothing any politician says can refute the basic math that Americans are growing older and that’s going to cost a lot more money."
BUT WAIT, it gets better....this is one of my favorite lines...truly something only a big government liberal could say with a straight face. 
"Republicans like to describe the government as a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare. But that's not really the case. For instance, former Senator Tom Coburn, who retired at the end of the 113th Congress, used to release an annual "Wastebook" that described egregious examples of government waste. The 2014 version named 100 federal projects that cost the taxpayer $25 billion. That sounds like a lot. But many of those have legitimate purposes. More importantly, $25 billion is a mere sliver of the $3.5 trillion the government spends annually. At 0.7 percent, it's close to a rounding error."
Hey folks, good news...to a liberal $25 BILLION, that's $25,000,000,000 is a "rounding error".  Well shoot, I guess when you put it that way, Obama's multi-million dollar vacations seems pretty insignificant, huh?  I mean, a billion here, a billion there, what the hell?  Not like any of us peasants are gonna miss those tax dollars huh?  Of course, over 10 years, that's $250B...which is NOT an inconsequential amount of money.  But to a liberal, anything less than a TRILLION dollar stimulus package (giveaway money to Democrat constituents) or a TRILLION dollar entitlement program (Obamacare) is a rounding error.


But, just when you thought the stupidity couldn't get any bigger, we have more.
"Already, federal agencies are strained because of a lack of funding. Budget cuts at the IRS, for instance, have crippled morale and forced the agency to cut back on much-needed services for taxpayers. Further spending cuts would damage agencies across government, decreasing the number of food inspections, increasing wait times for regulatory permits, and harming a vast number of other government functions."
This statement almost made me snort my morning coffee! The IRS? Really? Crippled morale? POOR BABIES...I feel so bad for the political thugs that targeted conservative groups and helped steal the 2012 election for Barry O...NOT...yea, liberals like to throw police, fire, food inspectors..etc...but wait REGULATORY PERMITS? Hey moron, here's an idea, CUT DOWN on petty government regulations and we won't need as many permits...DUH?
In conclusion, Mr. Brilliant Policy wonk works the usual liberal intellectual contradiction into a stunning summary.

"In that sense, policies that promote growth may be the best solution to our debt problems.  [DUH, YA THINK?]Yet we shouldn't rely on them alone. It's difficult to design policies that drive growth. The economy is massive, and the federal government has limited ability to steer it. Policymakers should aim to promote growth while also improving the lives of Americans and solving our long-term debt problems.  [Wait a minute, you don't think Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, THOUSANDS of pages of regulation, taxes out the wazoo affect the economy?  THEN why do liberals want the government to control and regulate it so much? The mental delusion here is stunning.]
 A tax plan that increases revenue by closing tax breaks is not a political winner, so long as the economy is in recovery and wage growth remains weak. [Wait a minute..aren't we coming out of the awesome OBAMA recovery?  You know, the recession ended in 2009?  All the media said so!!!  Isn't the economy humming along?  Millions of jobs created? Stock market up?  Oh, wait, no, we're not, but MSDNC says we are!! All the pundits say so!] But at some point, we're going to need to raise more revenue. The longer politicians pretend that that isn’t the case, the harder it will be to accomplish."

I almost can't take this..hence the call sign on the Blog.  Here's an interesting idea.  How about we give more money back to the people and let them decide?  How about we cut regulation, go to a flat tax, close down and consolidate redundant government programs and agencies.  I bet if we can find $25B in wasteful spending, we could find $100B...then $200B...then pretty soon we could really bend that pesky cost curve down....how about by letting people shop for their own health insurance in a completely deregulated market...like SAY car insurance...instead of the bloated mess that Obamacare will become...

Healthcare will bankrupt this country as our population ages...but it will not be pretty.  As much as this <ahem> so-called writer/pundit/Democrat with a byline wants to avoid saying it, what I believe Obamacare will eventually do is set up a generational tug of war between Medicare and Obamacare patients as they fight over the same pie...and it will get ugly.

So here's my idea..every progressive liberal (pretty much the entire Democrat Party) should voluntarily send in 90% of their income to their homeboys in the IRS...after all, it's their civic duty!  They think the government needs more revenue...let them send it in! And to  be fair, they should receive more government services, so let's send more IRS, OSHA, NLRB, USDA, and other regulators to their homes and businesses...especially the billionaires of Silicon Valley.  I think that's a swell idea, don't you?  They pay more for government regulation and oversight, they should get more regulation and oversight.  AND, all those government inspectors can leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Just a thought.

So, Happy Tax Day my fellow peasants...cheer up, only 9 more days until Tax Freedom Day