The Middle East is on fire, the Russians are resurgent...HEY Look at that...Hillary went to Chipotle.

Some days I really wish there was something like a felony charge of "criminal journalistic negligence".


I do.

And I would use it like Ahunuld uses a rocket launcher.

So here we are in early 2015 with the world literally going to hell in a hand basket and all the so called "journalists" of the Lame Stream Media can do is swoon over Hillary's awesome inevitability to be the first woman President.

Not the best, or most prepared, or most eloquent, or even most awesomely cool...but the first woman President. 

Identity politics at its best.  WAIT...can I use the phrase identity politics when talking about Hillary?  I mean I wouldn't want to use one of the "banned" phrases":   “polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled, over confident, secretive, will do anything to win, represents the past, out of touch”

Actually, those are the NICEST things your could probably say, in my opinion.  Although my favorite would be "candidate so wooden and patronizing and cold hearted that couldn't defeat a nobody Senator from Illinois."  or polite words to that effect.

But seriously, I know most modern reporters have little to no knowledge of history, politics, strategy, or geography, but there is some serious stuff going on in the world that is being ignored, covered up, or just not understood well. 

Let's start with the train wreck of the Middle East.  Putting aside the inane arguments about WHEN, not IF Iran will get nuclear weapons, and the fact that this Administration is fine with Iran being a nuclear power after January 20, 2017, the real issue is the growing Sunni-Shia "Thirty Years War" about to engulf the region.

So for you public school students, the Thirty Years War was primarily a religious war waged in Europe between 1618-1648 which destroyed most of Germany and pretty much created the modern nation state.  Google it or use Wikipedia...I'll wait. 


Ok, now consider how much religious fanatics (NO NOT Christians, although liberals lump them all together) I mean Islamofacist religious fanatics love to kill people and you have a real mess as Saudi Arabia (our erstwhile frenemy in the region) and Iran (Obama's newest bud) duke it out for dominance in the region.  First in Syria, now in Yemen...and pretty soon in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain? 

Yes, public school kids...look it up on Google Earth.  The region where most of Saudi Arabia's oil is found is filled with....yup, SHIA Muslims and Bahrain, a key location in the region and home to the base of the US Navy's 5th Fleet is filled with...yup, SHIA Muslims who ALL look to Iran for guidance, funding, and ultimately SUPPORT in their fight against their Sunni overlords.

So, hey, we got that going for us.

Then of course, there's Vlad the Impailer...yup..ol' Pootie Putin...deciding how far into Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia...OOOPS, check your Google Earth again kids...all those FORMER Soviet Republics that some Soviets, oopps Russians, aren't so happy left the glorious Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

So now that Russia has figured out just how big a bunch of rubes this Administration toothless NATO is now that their biggest challenge is how to keep the Greek retires and pensioners happy and the Euro intact....well, we'll see how many oppressed "Russian" minorities they want to save in the various NATO countries bordering the ol' Soviet Union. 

Maybe if the Poles and Czechs sign up for Obamacare or donate to the Clinton Foundation, someone in the Democratic Party will care.....nah....

What's really important is how totally awesome Hillary is in her Scooby Doo van and how mean all those Republicans are and how cool it is that Valerie Jarrett HUGS, FREAKIN HUGS reporters before an interview.  Seriously????

Yes, I would expect Creepy Joe Biden to go on Fox News to try and hug Megyn Kelly...but really?  Hugs?  Can you imagine Dick Cheney going on MSNBC and getting hugs from Rachel Maddow....<shudder>...yea, me neither.

AND YET...all that talk about bias in the media...NAHHHH...move along peasants...nothing to see here.

"Criminal Journalistic Negligence"

Remember that could catch on..