History, Outrage, and Truth....who gets to decide?

Watching the debate on the Confederate flag in the wake of the shooting death of 9 people by a deranged lunatic has been an educational moment for me this week.

In the midst of a heated and perhaps needed debate, it doesn't seem to take long in America for the liberal left to "jump the shark" on things in the most ludicrous way possible.

Apple Removes Civil War Games From App Store Over Confederate Flag Usage

I mean, really?

Fortunately, there are still enough common sense Americans to recognize stupidity when they see it and react accordingly.

Civil War Game Pulled From Apple Store Now Doing Great On Steam

So, I decided to really think about his for a while.  It is true, that many white supremacist groups use the Confederate flag as a symbol...and that it probably does offend some African-Americans to see it flying from statehouses in the old Confederacy.  Therefore, for those governors or state legislatures who want to remove the flag from government buildings, I say fine.  If that's what the voters of the state want, then so be it, democracy in action.  

BUT, as always, if liberals want to go there, what about symbols that conservatives find offensive?

Yup, ol' Che, the darling of the idiotic modern left, was, in fact a brutal thug who killed thousands of Cubans and helped enslave millions more...the current Administration's efforts to rehabilitate this brutal regime notwithstanding, there are lots of reasons why this thug's mug should not be on T-shirts.

And how about this?

Why do protesters at immigration rallies often fly the Mexican flag?  Aren't they desperate to become Americans?  How about this young lady?

She is an "undocumented immigrant" that's liberal speak for illegal alien, but hey, words can mean whatever you want nowadays if you're a liberal.  So she graduates from a California university ('nuff said) and decides to carry not her adopted country's flag, but the country that supposedly her family was fleeing because of poverty, injustice or whatever.  

NOW, perhaps some folks at that ceremony thought that was offensive...think anyone on the left cares?  What about conservative America's right to be offended...or is that right reserved only for someone who has the POLITICALLY CORRECT kind of offense?

Imagine if a student at Alabama, or Mississippi State, or LSU carried a Confederate flag across the stage at their college graduation?  Think the progressive liberal media might have had a SMALL FREAKIN' meltdown over that?

Yea, me too...it seems that lefty progressives think that only THEY get to decide what's offensive.  Not content with just getting the Confederate flag removed from public display and relegated to museums, now some of these purveyors of outrage want to get rid of museums and monuments too...very similar to how ISIS wants to destroy monuments it decides are heretical in the Middle East.

This seems not only extreme, but insane.  Well, those words often do describe the Progressive Loony Left (PLL) as I tend to call them.

SO, on their pogrom to CLEANSE American history (didn't Orwell write about this in 1984), what's next?  Do they want to get rid of Mount Vernon and Monticello?  After all Washington and Jefferson did own slaves....burn the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution because both of them "allowed" slavery?  

It seems to me that this is the ultimate end product of where our education system has taken us...we don't talk about American history and all its warts and glories...we don't discuss how to make things better...we just divide ourselves into groups that get outraged at each other and  then allow SOME groups to assume some sort of morally superior mantel that permits them to dictate right and wrong, just and unjust, acceptable and hateful.

WELL, I for one don't accept that.   

I consider no liberal to be my moral superior just because of their FEELINGS or OUTRAGE and I don't consider that just because I am male, white, Catholic, heterosexual, or a veteran to mean that I am to blame for what outrages you...and yes, I do read Civil War books--a lot of them...and yes, some of them have Confederate flags on them...and yes, some of them even talk about Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.  Get. Over. It...your outrage is your problem.  Go read Dreams From My Father or Hard Choices...I'm sure they're in the bargain bin at your local Sam's Club.

As always, I hope cooler heads prevail before we destroy our history in the name of calming those PLL that make a living at outrage.  The peaceful and Christian outpouring of folks in Charleston sure does stand in contrast to the lunacy of Ferguson and Baltimore, so I do have hope that ordinary folks, black and white, can come together and pray for each other and try to understand better what unites us instead of what divides us.

I really, really do hope so...otherwise it's going to be a long, hot summer.