13 Hours of bravery and abandonment

Since I started my new job with a much longer commute (boo), I have been enjoying the awesomeness of Audiobooks on CD (YEA!). One of the more remarkable books has been 13 Hours, the survivors recounting of the events of September 12, 2012 in Benghazi.

Now I know most Americans couldn’t find Benghazi on a map, much less Libya, and they are more interested in the Kardashian’s latest antics than the total disintegration of our Middle East foreign policy under this Administration.

However, for those Americans who didn’t throw up listening to Hillary lie once again about the coverup of what happened during those fateful 13 hours to protect the nonsense bumper sticker of “OSAMA IS DEAD AND GM IS ALIVE” that reelected this President through fraud and lies, this is a very good book.

How good? Well, it’s soon to be a Michael Bey movie and I suspect it will take its place with Black Hawk Down in the library of excellent action movies about Americans left to die in rotten places by Democratic Administrations.

Reconstructed from accounts of the security contractors who fought on the ground with parts of Congressional testimony and other official government documents, this book shows the grit and determination of a small group of Americans trying to save their fellow countrymen from a DELIBERATE TERRORIST ACT on the evening of September 11, 2012.

While the book is excellent, for this Grouchy Historian, it still raises a lot of questions that NO one has seemed to answer, at least to my satisfaction:
1) What exactly was this CIA Annex doing in Benghazi?  The official embassy was in Tripoli and most CIA officers work near the Embassy...since the US did not have an OFFICIAL consulate in Benghazi, what was the CIA doing there? I am still one of those tinfoil hat types who think the CIA was running guns to Syria out of Libya...not seen anything to convince me otherwise.

2) What exactly was the US foreign policy in Libya in 2012?  Obama triumphantly bragged about winning a war by "leading from behind" when he basically let the female trifecta of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Susan Powers get us into an illegal war (any Dems want to debate how W got a virtual declaration of war in 2003, Obama didn't even try in 2011).  BUT, although Dems still grouse about the mess W made in Iraq, they never seem to want to discuss the equally big train wreck Obama made of Libya....I guess since Obama used proxies to fight the war and didn't have the guts to send in US troops, its ok to Dems.

3)  Just like in Mogadishu, why weren't there large chunks of Benghazi that were smoking holes on September 12, 2012? After all, Obama said he was good at killing bad guys, why didn't he unleash a wave of drones to attack the Al Qaeda affiliates that were responsible for the attack?  Could it be because then he would have to acknowledge that Al Qaeda attacked a vulnerable diplomatic mission made more vulnerable due to the incompetence and neglect of Obama's Administration, particularly the Clinton State Department?

Like many patriotic Americans, I have given up hope of actually finding answers to these questions.  The lapdog media has already become Hillary's official attack dog/defender so the four dead Americans from September 11, 2012 will probably never get real justice.

In the meantime the courage in this book will have to do.