So fans of Vince Flynn and his indomitable character, Mitch Rapp, were very saddened at his passage in 2013 from prostate cancer at only 47. However, we may rest assured that Mitch is in good hands with the next book in the series, The Survivor, by Kyle Mills. Now, I have never heard of this new author, but I can tell you, he is very good. I went back to re-read the previous book, The Last Man, Vince’s last novel before his untimely death, since I knew that The Survivor was a sequel of sorts, and I have to say I was very impressed at how smoothly one book flowed into the other. 

Mr. Mills has definitely got the characters, theme, and general attitude of Vince’s books down to the letter. I literally read this book in 2 days, consuming pages like Hillary Clinton consumes Saudi money through her foundation…in an endless stream. The plot and pacing are superb and I was actually getting nervous that this book was going to also leave me hanging…which it kinda does, but not in one of those DAMN, I have to wait another year ways. I have already noticed the next book by Mr. Mills is almost here, and have, of course, pre-ordered it from Amazon.

For fans of political or spy thrillers, if you have never read one of these books, you’re definitely missing out. Vince was one of my must read authors, along with Brad Thor and JD Robb (yea, what can I say I have eclectic tastes). Few books can actually make me INTENSELY dislike the villains and cheer for the heroes, but these books definitely can.

The entire series is really top notch. If you are looking for fast paced reads with excellent characters and plots, Vince Flynn…and now his estate I guess, will fulfill your need.