The Retreat Begins

I have to say, I am sorry I am right. The Dems are beginning the process of retreating from Afghanistan, and by extension Pakistan.

Senate Armed Services Chairman: No More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

I called this months ago in a number of posts describing how an Obama Administration might play out and the nightmare consequences.

I also saw the left wing of the Defeatocrat Party signaling surrender even before Mr. Hope and Change took office.

And I knew it would get worse as the Dems started looking for ways to pay for all their ridiculous spending.

But I am even more alarmed now because the connection between Pakistan and Afghanistan is becoming more and more clear to me. If the Taliban establish safe haven in Afghnaistan, which they will if the Dems have their way, then the strategic prize becomes Pakistan, a NUCLEAR armed and very unstable state.

Surely this is clear to the Administration? How can we hammer Pakistan to deal with their Islamic insurgency when we won't deal with the one next door.

Scary, scary stuff

Shaheen-II / Eagle-I / Hatf-6 / Ghaznavi IRBM  from