More New Revelations about FDR, patron saint of modern liberal progressivism

Wow, this snowball just keeps growing.....

FDR kept deadly disease hidden for years

I previously blooged about this...but now it's really would appear that FDR KNOWINGLY covered up his illness, so that he could SAVE the country during World War II.  Obviously his ego was as big as most liberals...they are indispensable....what drivel.  With the completely competent JCS military team in charge, all the President needed to do was back them up, referee their egos and get out of the way.

What does appear true now is that the unneeded suffering of Eastern Europe could have been prevented if a more forceful President had stood with Winston Churchill against Soviet aggression...after all the Soviets were not 10 feet tall in 1945, the Red Army mostly ate American food, used American trucks and would have quickly melted away against the air power of the USAAF and RAF, no matter how many tanks they had.

FDR appears to have committed gross negligence in not grooming a successor in 1944....although Henry Wallace  clearly would not have been the guy....