Generational Wars---the defining event of our time?

Nice to see someone in the liberal media agrees with me....
 I, of course, have been saying this for a long time on this little blog:

Obama gets his credit card cut...maybe

Nice of the WaPo to clue in...5 years too late...there is no doubt that Obamacare may finally wake up the Millennials to the magnitude of the screwing they are about to get...although it might be too late.'s a catchy NO SH** quote:
 The federal government is increasingly a transfer agency: Taxes from the young and middle-aged are spent on the elderly.
WOW...way to figure that one out Einstein!

and he follows on with another brilliant observation:
Political leaders of both parties have avoided distasteful choices. Younger Americans have generally been clueless about how shifting demographics threaten their future government services and taxes. 
The Baby Boomers best be lookin' over their shoulders...yea, the elderly come out and vote...but young people turned out in record number to support ol' Hopey-Changey.  What do you think might happen if they get REALLY pissed off and not only start voting in greater numbers, but actually get up from behind their XBoxes and enter the political process as candidates and party faithful affecting party platforms??

Here's Mr. Samuelson's stunningly DUH conclusion:
We pretend these discomforting conflicts don’t exist. But they do and are rooted in changing demographics, slower economic growth and competing concepts of old age. They cannot be dissolved by pious invocations that “we’re all in this together.” To date, the contest has been one-sided; now the other side is beginning to stir.
 I have been saying this for FIVE FREAKIN' YEARS...forget Obama's efforts to stir up race, class, gender, and culture wars...the sleeping giant he has awakened is the fact that Social Security, Medicare and OBAMACARE are total PONZI schemes designed to screw younger (Millennials) and middle-aged (GenXers) to ensure that the Baby Boomers have the retirement they are ENTITLED too (and don't you know they will tell you that over and over and over too!)

When the 18-29 crowd finally figures out that between student loans, a crappy job market that will screw them for the rest of their careers, higher taxes (including Obamacare, cuz the Supreme Court said so), and the general downtown in their economic prospects, it's not going to be pretty.....and that whole pushing Grandma off a cliff.....may be the best case scenario....