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Monday, April 28, 2008

From the mouth of babes (so to speak)

So here's an interesting moment as a father:

I am watching Fox News yesterday (something I do a lot of, much to the annoyance of my signficant other) when my 18-year old son pipes up, "Dad, are all of the woman on Fox News blonde babes?"

Now, needless to say I am in quandry on how to answer that, since 95% of the women on Fox News ARE blonde babes..and the other 5% represent the minoity brunette and readhead babes, nothing like affirmative action!

First of all, as a concerned Catholic veteran, it warms my heart that my son notices the blonde babes, on the other hand, as a concerned Catholic father, I figure I should have some sage words in response. So what to say?

Finally, in my infinite wisdom, since we are watching Megan Kelly, one of my personal favorites, I reply, "Well, yes son, that does seem the case" (duh, who wants to watch Rosanne Barr read the news, seriously, yes, men are that vain and stupid sometimes), continuing on I note, "However, you should know that she also has a law degree and was an attorney before becoming a Fox News Babe."
Wheww, sneaked out of that one.
Maybe. I've noticed my son seems to be watching Fox News a lot more lately...I wonder if it's for their deep thinking analysis of the Clinton-Obama dogfight down the homestretch or the nuances of the Iranian nuclear arms crisis?


Quote for Today

"The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on."
Ulysses S. Grant, Commander Union Forces (1822 - 1885)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jimmy Carter -Useful Idiot

Can't he just shut up and get back to building houses for Habitat for Humanity and do something worthwhile?

Hamas Leader Vows Not to Recognize Israel After Carter Trumpets Terror Group's Willingness to Be Good 'Neighbor'
Monday , April 21, 2008

[My Comments are in bold-This former President has become a complete bufoon..and that's being nice. Let me comment along to this story]

Just hours after former President Jimmy Carter trumpeted Hamas' agreement to let Israel "live as a neighbor," the same terrorist leader he met with face-to-face vowed not to recognize the Jewish state. [Duh, a leopard will not change his spots]

But Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal did offer Israel a 10-year truce if it withdraws from all lands it seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. [No doubt so they can finish raising, training and equipping their army with Iranian weapons for the Final Solution to the Jewish state.]

The former president also said Monday that he would never sit down with Al Qaeda because the terror network has no "redeeming features." [Probably because no reporter would actually be that stupid to go with him, but just barely.]

"[Al Qaeda] are not involved in any sort of a fruitful process. They are not recognized by their own people," Carter told FOX News in an interview Monday. "On the other hand, you have to remember Hamas in an honest and open and fair and transparent election were elected the leaders of the Palestinian government." [As fair and transparent as a bunch of thugs with AK-47s can make it anyway]

Carter claimed his meetings with Hamas and Syrian leaders weren't meant to circumvent the Bush administration, nor was it an attempt to formally negotiate with Hamas. [Good thing, you moron]

"I'm not undermining anything. I'm not negotiating. ... I'm just here representing myself and the Carter Center. No one else," he said. "My decision was just to talk to people who must be involved in the final peace agreement. [And to get lots of fawning press coverage, I wonder if he discussed global warming with them]

In the past, Hamas officials have said they would establish a "peace in stages" if Israel were to withdraw to the frontiers it held before the 1967 Mideast War. But it has been evasive about how it sees the final borders of a Palestinian state, and has not abandoned its official call for Israel's destruction. [Duh, again]

Israel and the U.S. State Department consider Hamas to be a terrorist group.[Because they are!] Israeli officials had shunned Carter during his visit because of his meetings with Mashaal, and other group leaders.[About time they grew a pair!]

Syria harbors Hamas' exiled leadership in its capital, Damascus, and supports the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas who warred with Israel in 2006.[Imagine that, they're only Iran's puppet.]

Read the rest of this (but try to remain calm) at the link.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love this picture

'Nuff Said.
From http://militarymotivator.blogspot.com/

Books I Like

Something new and different. Some really excellent military history books I am currently reading:

Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson
The second book of his planned trilogy on the European Theater in WW2 is about the Italian Theater. An excellent book that busts a lot of myths about this relatively unknown theater. An outstanding follow-on volume to his Army at Dawn about the North African campaign.

A World Undone: The Story of the Great War, 1914 to 1918 by G.J. Meyer
I just started this book, but it is outstanding so far. I have always wanted a good one volume history of WWI, especially since the 100th anniversary is only 6 years away and the last veterans are dying off. Some interesting parallels to the pre-WWI world and how things are developing in the world today. Just another example of discovering the lessons of history if you are willing to look.

Finally, yes I know, I have some issues with history ADHD. I tend to read long books and it sometimes is easier to rotate them then try and plow through a 600 page book. It's a weakness of mine.

We Were Soldiers by Hal Moore and Joe Galloway
I loved the movie and the book has been outstanding so far. Much more detail than the movie, obviously, and an interesting mixture of historical narrative and oral history. Wonderful book so far, I am plowing right through this one.

Pope Benedict's Visit-Two views

Pope Benedict XVI is finished visiting Washington DC and what an interesting visit it has been. His speeches have all been absolutely on the mark and will no doubt be debated by Catholics for many days to come. Some of my favorite excerpts are below:

"How might Christian educators respond? These harmful developments point to the particular urgency of what we might call "intellectual charity". This aspect of charity calls the educator to recognize that the profound responsibility to lead the young to truth is nothing less than an act of love. Indeed, the dignity of education lies in fostering the true perfection and happiness of those to be educated. In practice "intellectual charity" upholds the essential unity of knowledge against the fragmentation which ensues when reason is detached from the pursuit of truth."
Address of Pope Benedict XVI to Catholic Educators of the United States
Thursday 17 April 2008, Catholic University

"Any tendency to treat religion as a private matter must be resisted. Only when their faith permeates every aspect of their lives do Christians become truly open to the transforming power of the Gospel."
Address to the Bishops of the United States
Wednesday 16 April 2008

So clearly the man once know as the "Panzer Cardinal" {I really love that nickname by the way, no namby-pampy priest here} continues to speak softly and carry a big crosier!

Of course, if you waste your time reading the legacy media, ABCNBCCBSUPIMSNBCCNN, all you would think the Pope is doing is apologizing for the priest abuse scandal.

Pope prays with victims of clergy sex abuse scandal

Pope meets with victims of clergy sex abuse

Sad to say, that's all they want to concentrate on, similar to casualties in Iraq. Of course if they had to listen to or read his speech, they would no doubt miss the subtleties since they probably know little about modern Catholicism or Christian life.
So, thank goodness for EWTN so we can get the raw data and decide for ourselves what the Pope is trying to tell us as American Catholics {actually we're Roman Catholics living in America}

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Next Week-The Circus Will Be In Town!

I suppose next week the circus will be in town...not the one with acrobats and tigers, but the ones with clowns...the two-legged kind. Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker will be in town to testify on the progress in Iraq and I can't want to see how the Dems, moonbats, MSM and other assorted whack jobs will try character assassination, disinformation and general chicanery to downplay their message. Of course a new NIE is out that says things are better. Wonder how the Dems will react...will the take this NIE as gospel like they did when a {flawed} NIE said Iran is no longer developing nuclear weapons or will Move-On say this NIE is "politicized", meaning it doesn't say what they want..

Should be fun to watch.