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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow these people are not only desparate by incredibly pathetic

I was checking my daily news when I came upon a link to this incredible story.
Now normally I don't waste my electrons on the Daily Kos (or Daily Kooks as I call them) since they do nothing but spend their time ranting about George W. Bush, but this time they have sunk lower than low.
To say that Sarah Palin is covering up her daughter's child as her own, not only clearly shows how unhinged and loony these people are, but that they spend way too much time watching Desperate Housewives. More on the left's loony obsession here.

Anyway, just another reason that I will NEVER EVER vote for a Democratic candidate in the current Democratic party that associates with Daily Kos, MoveOn.Org or the Huffington Post. Of course, it also shows how very, very, very afraid of this women they are....

These people are certifiably insane....

Friday, August 29, 2008

I always knew this was true

Okay, couldn't pass this up. From the Military Motivator

At Last, John McCain pulls his Cannae

John McCain's choice of a running mate was absolutely inspired this morning. Not only does he shore up the conservative base, but he has outflanked the Democrats by appointing a woman, something the Progressive Democrats did not do:(. The shear audacity and brilliance of this move is almost awe inspiring and is probably the 2nd best thing McCain has done in the last 5 years, besides supporting the surge and VICTORY, not withdrawal from Iraq.

I can't wait to see big, bad Joe Biden bloviate at the debates as he tries to pontificate his foreign policy experience.

I find it beyond absurd that a total foreign policy lightweight like Obama, the top of the ticket for the Defeatocrats would criticize anyone's experience, particularly the number 2 for the Republicans.

This is why I love to be a political junkie.....

Oh and by the way, she also has a special needs child...and doesn't play it up for politics...figure the odds of Obama ever doing that...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update-The night the lights went out in Georgia

The blogosphere has been buzzing over the Georgian Situation. I think Ralph Peters' column in the New York Post sums things up the best. Clearly a watershed moment on Russo-American relations. Looks like its time to buy defense stocks again. The former Eastern Bloc countries are nervous and not looking to Europe to protect them. The new treaty to deploy ABMs in Poland is far overdue. I recommend we pull the rest of our troops out of Eastern Europe and place them in Poland and the Ukraine....the Russians might not like it, but tough....the newest members of NATO deserve our protection as much as the Froggies or Belgians...

The next Administration will have its hands full. If this isn't enough evidence for energy independence to cut off funding to petro-dictatorships, what more evidence do we need? Will the next Axis of Evil become Iran-Russia-Venezuela? A scary thought, but probably not that far fetched...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Bear is Back

Watching the news coverage, it is obvious that the Russian Bear is back and on the prowl. The wholly disproportionate response to the Georgian attack into their breakaway promise clearly showed the Russians were spoiling for a fight. Ralph Peters has some excellent columns (Link and Link) to try and put it all in context, but the short answer is Russia is back and on the prowl. Another good column by Max Boot on the subject. It will be interesting the see the reaction from the former countries ruled by Russia, i.e. Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Czechoslovakia,etc. versus the tepid reaction of the Germans and French. It will be a true test of NATO to see if the alliance is ready to stand up to the resurgent Russians. Given the alliance's lackluster response in Afghanistan, I'm not holding my breath. Clearly Europe has gone fat, lazy and apathetic, more interested in their six weeks of vacation than defending their freedom.

However, it's just as interesting to note the Russian's performance from a military point of view. The Russians clearly did very well, but I wonder how they would have fared against a country with an Air Force, or even well dug in soldiers with a lot of modern anti-tank weapons.

Look at these fat targets for an Apache Helicopter or a trooper with a Javelin missile.

I mean seriously, do the Russians still do this? One good artillery barrage and these guys are hamburger.

Of course, it helps to outnumber you enemy 4 or 5 to 1 and have complete air domination.

It will be interesting to see a cold analysis of how each side actually fared in combat.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New National Defense Strategy

I downloaded the new National Defense Strategy to see what the future holds and as an exercise for my Future War class.

It's the usual DoD lingo, which takes a long time to say a few things, but there were some interesting nuggets:
a. Counterinsurgency and counterterrorism are still the 800 pound guerrillas in the room (okay bad pun, whatever), and although the document gives lip service to the need for conventional capability, we'll see. If I was the Air Force, I would get real nervous about being pushy for more F-22s right now. It also appears the Navy was, for once, pretty smart to cancel the DDX and buy more DDG51s.

b. There was a lot of discussion about Russia, China and India, as well as North Korea and Iran. All good things, but I was surprised there was no mention of Venezuela. I discussed in one of my analysis for my Future War class the potential for an "axis of oil" between Iran and Venezuela. This would be a significant strategic issue for the U.S. to deal with. Imagine for a minute, a new "Cuban Missile Crisis" only this time, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have 5-10 primitive but capable ballistic missiles, perhaps with nuclear or other WMD warheads hidden in the jungles of Venezuela and they demand the US stop supporting Israel in their next war with Hezbollah. What would (shudder) a President Obama do, hmmm. Does that scare you as much as it scares me? It should.

c. Finally, the other interesting issue raised in this document is the need for better inter-governmental cooperation. This is another point I touched on in one of my analyses, the permanent standup of teams at each major Combatant Commander similar to the Provincial Reconstruction Teams used in Afghanistan and Iraq. These teams combine military, civil affairs, engineers, and maybe some agricultural or other aid organizations to combine both hard and soft power. In many parts of the world, these are the future of national security and I can only hope that DoD has the juice to make them go.

All in all, no new ground broken with this document, although it is a good "howgozit" of where the U.S. currently stands and what the near term holds. It remains to be seen what the next Administration and Congress do about the issues raised.