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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time Slipped Away

So much to comment on, so little time. I spent the last week on London on business. Great beer (warm still), excellent Imperial War Museum and tasty bangers and mash & fish and chips:

1) When Obambi finishes apologizing and blaming the "previous Administration" for everything from global warming to Hugo Chavez's general ugliness, maybe he should start planning for evacuating our troops from Afghanistan when Pakistan goes to complete and total sh--. It's really only a matter of when, not if, the country collapses on itself like a black hole and becomes history's first nuclear armed terrorist state. That would leave about 30,000 U.S. troops with the task of fighting there way down to the Indian Ocean for evacuation, since our status in Afghanistan would be pretty suspect at best. I hope Obambi and his national security team is reading up on their Xenophon.

2) I continue to be pretty darn happy I bought a Ford and I am really happy I do my banking with Navy Federal Credit Union. I figure the government will take only a few years to run GM and most of the banks they gave TARP money to become just as efficient as the Post Office, Amtrak and your local DMV.

3) If the recent swine flu epidemic isn't the final wake up call to CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE the southern border with Mexico, then the entire Obama Administration should be put up on charges of criminal negligence. Hey, here's an idea, let's take all of those new Americorps, Job Corps, or Obama Corps or whatever paid "volunteers" and let them walk the border to keep out plague bearing illegals. Or better yet, every Dimmicritter Congressmen that wants to vote for amnesty and open borders can have those new "undocumented" folks live at their house....that seems fair.

4) Although I am all for eliminating government waste, I find it pretty darn suspicious that apparently the Obambi Administration thinks the only waste, fraud and abuse going on in government is funding the war in Iraq and buying new weapons systems. I mean, come on, don't you think there is a little sumthin, sumthin going on at HUD, Fannie, Freddie, or virtually ANY OTHER cabinet or agency within the government. What this tells me is that Obambi, like other misguided, naive and utterly foolish Presidents, believes in plowshares and not swords, not knowing that the guy with the sword (and the turban) will take your plowshare. This is foolishness of the first order, and was expected by yours truly. Look for more peace dividends as the next Congressional and Presidential elections draw near.

5) And finally, we come to Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009 and likely future Fox News Broadcaster. My wife used to make me, no really I never wanted to watch the swimsuit competition, watch all the pageants when we were first married before they were horribly mutated by the Donald. But I must say I admire the moxie of this young (sigh) woman and her honesty. The idiotic judge who asked the questions, clearly a paragon of "mainstream journalism" is clearly not worth contempt. I had to actually ask my wife who Perez Hilton was, I thought it was Paris' sister or something, silly me. Anyway, obviously Carrie was robbed, but fear not, I suspect she will be on Fox and Friends for many years to come. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Fight Pirates for Dummies

Update 4/10: This column from the New York Post is clearly on the right track.

Okay, clearly some plain speaking is needed. Unlike the idiots at the Associated Press, I believe the solution to piracy off Somalia is quite simple, as I noted in my earlier post on the subject back in December.

Like any war, and make no mistake it is a war, you do not remain on defense trying to patrol thousands of square miles of ocean looking for rowboats. You park a Carrier Battle Group off the shore and bomb the crap out of every port, fishing jetty and waterfront installation in Somalia. Then for good measure, you leave a couple of destroyers, maybe an LCS or two and maybe even an LPH loaded with Apache helicopters and you let them have target practice on any boat with armed men outside the "supposed" 12 mile territorial limit. Then you politely send in the useless but well meaning UN and let them convince the Somalis that maybe they should consider another line of work.

That is what Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan or maybe even George W. Bush would have done to any pissant pirate stupid enough to attack an AMERICAN merchant vessel. But Obambi, he'll just talk them to death. Or maybe send the morons from the Congressional Black Caucus that just genuflected at the feet of Fidel Castro to offer the pirates some TARP money...or hey this is good idea, let's use the card check and unionize 'em all, they'll probabaly become too lazy to hijack ships then....


This is how you deal with pirates

From the U.S. Navy Historical Center

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a Week

Well, many random thoughts this week about politics, history, and culture.

* So, I finally set up my Facebook account, and yes I actually had to have my wife, who has had her account for many more months help me set it up. Needless to say, she found this quite amusing. (See how she likes changing the ink cartridges or toner) I must say, it was pretty cool, I actually found some of my high school classmates, as well as some of my Naval Academy classmates. And of course, there is an Iphone app for Facebook so I can stay tuned in on the road. I hope Obambi doesn't figure out a way to tax Facebook.

* I bet the management at Ford is laughing their butts off at GM and Chrysler. Once those two companies die off, unfortunately taking billions of our dollars with them, Ford is going to look darn good. Glad I bought a 2008 Edge, although it would have been kinda cool seeing Obama or Hillary change the oil in that thing, now that the guvment is in the car care business (can you say Yugo?)

* I sometimes wonder if Hillary isn't intentionally screwing over Obamabi in the foreign protocol department. I mean seriously, an IPod for the Queen...oyyyy Nancy Reagan must be shaking her head and I know Ronnie is probably spinning in his grave, (to the right of course). I mean, setting aside the fact that Obambi is an empty suit who probably knows less about protocol than he does about economics and foreign policy, aren't there plenty of State Department flunkies to deal with that...and don't they work for Hillary. Hmmmm

* If I were a conspiracy buff, I would wonder why Hillary has been conspicuously absent from all of Obambi's economic discussions. I know she is Secretary of State and the economy isn't really her portfolio, but seriously, if his plan was a winner, Hillary, ever the politician, would want to be associated with it, wouldn't she?

* Which leads me to wonder if Hillary is going to do a triple Lyndy double somersault and set herself up to "save" the Democratic Party in 2012 when Obamabi completely tanks the economy. I mean seriously, other than completely loons like James Carville, who actually thinks that Obambi best represented America at this week's G-20 summit?

* Finally, I almost forgot to mention that this is the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth (who was a Republican by the way) and there are several really good books out to celebrate.
Here are a couple I picked up from Amazon.

This is the new biography on Lincoln and is supposed to be one of the best ones in decades. I have started it and it is very good.

This is the new book by James McPherson on Lincoln's development as Commander in Chief during the Civil War. Haven't read this yet...it's on my summer list.

* Speaking of Amazon, I had an order get lost in the mail and I called Amazon. The very helpful, friendly and, of course, foreign, customer service rep offered to replace my books with no fuss or muss and they arrived in 2 days. This is why I love this place.